Zero FX 6.5 2017, the Unusual Off-road Bike



When taking a look at Zero FX 6.5 2017, it is obvious to see something different, for sure. We are talking about an off-road bike here but its appearance looks like the sporty bike, complete with its burly and buff construction. Not to mention that there are a lot of reviews stating that this bike has a different arrangement and feel to it and it what makes it stand apart from the other ‘regular’ off-road unit.


Different people have different opinions about this FX 6.5. The bike may not be the regular one because it is completely different. It takes a while to get used to it but once it is done, there will be a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Most people claim it to be quite okay. It is not bad although it is definitely different. And that’s exactly what to be expected about this unit.


Those who aren’t used to this bike will feel overwhelmed, for sure. It takes a while to get used to the great power or the rather complicated handle. It also takes time to get used to the overall feel. As time gets by and a sense of comfort starts developing, things will be easier to the point of better enjoyment and fun. But then again, not everyone has the patience or the time to allow this process happening to them. And when people aren’t accustomed to the process, it will give them a problem.

Zero FX 6.5
Zero FX 6.5

If taken for a glimpse, it seems that this bike has the regular construction. But the similar parts are only applicable to the controls, handlebar, chain, suspension, and wheels. Other than those, everything is completely different. For instance, the aluminum frame is super burly and buff, unlike the regular off-road frame that is slimmer and sleeker. It is the battery that is responsible for the bulk and the weight. But it is also the battery that creates the rigidity of the bike.


The unique construction is visible through the low seat setting with a little pocket on it. Again, it will take time for the rider to get used to the feel.  And there is chassis comfort as well as frame flex that are designed for comfort and access. Don’t expect super plush and flush effect on the suspension because this one is harsh to the unmovable point. But then again, this kind of setup is quite handy to prevent the unwanted swinging movement.


It is not the regular feature to use for tackling difficult corner. It is not the ideal bike to use for the off-road track but it is definitely a comfy ride for long laid-back cruise or an off-road touring trip. Controlling the bike is getting easier but facing the sharp and tricky corners will require a certain skill – skill that not everyone has or able to learn within a short time span.


The unique part of the bike is the electric brushless motor that delivers automatic operation. There is no transmission, gear, or clutch. The motor is able to reach 78 Nm of torque so it is super powerful and responsive.  But the power is what contributes to the weight and this is the part that not everyone likes.


The thing about this engine is quite tricky. It has all the right boost and speed, alright, but the operation takes an adjustment. The speed is quite amazing but then again, this kind of power would be useless especially on dirt. That’s why this unit is more suitable as an urban ride instead of the pure and dedicated off-road vehicle.


In the end, having a different and irregular bike doesn’t always mean negative. Although it may not be for everyone, this bike has all the needed power and its own kind of comfort.


Zero FX 6.5 2017, the Unusual Off-road Bike
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