Yamaha YZ250F, the Smooth but Powerful Ride


There are good reasons why Yamaha YZ250F has managed to captivate fans’ heart, earning them 250MX Dirt Rider Shootout four years. After the latest design was introduced back then in 2014, time has proven that this bike has all the winning power and features. It is not a surprise the bike is able to win the title.


The combination of the right features and specs are the reason why this bike is considered the true champion. With the flexibility and the width of power and a plush suspension, the bike has proven itself as a magnificent beast. And to top an icing to the cake, Yamaha had decided to change the color and the graphics, improving its look. It is now look subtle and sleek in an elegant simplicity. With all of those attractive elements, it would be a surprise if no one falls in love with this off-road unit.


The key strength of the bike lies within the same spring fork, providing solid suspension both on the back and front. And it is certainly nice to have a wide range of power option, which gives the flexibility in the switching.  Even with the bumpy and sandy environment, the bike will cruise through the track smoothly, as if nothing wrong happened.


Most riders like the fact that the 250 class is the most powerful unit rider friendly, along with responsive throttle power and a wide range of power. The idea of creating such a broad range option is to provide the necessary support for different skills and different users. Even the bottom end power is impressive enough with just enough punch and also torque system, delivering effective lug and short shift ability.

Yamaha YZ250F
Yamaha YZ250F

Although bottom end power and torque isn’t generally associated with the four stroke 250 engine, it is completely different for YZ250F. The bottom end power is nice and truly powerful, and it is able to pull nicely to the midrange. And as if it weren’t enough, it can move on to the top end power with a smooth transition. Impressive power for the top end is a definite thing.


Aside the powerful power, the plush suspension with the right setting is the key factor in YZ250F’s comfort. It isn’t too soft and yet it isn’t too rigid either; just right. Yamaha is using the best suspension in the 250 class with spring shock and fork from KYB SSS (Speed Sensitive System). Both of them have been known to have all the supporting winning aspects, such as plush effect to the overall stroke as well as top notch comfort. Even when dealing with big bumps or jumps, there won’t be any jarring or harshness to the legs and arms. With the suspension, everything is smooth and yet also firm at the same time.


However, some riders claim that the form somewhat feels plusher than it should. It creates difficulty in corners, because of the vague front end tracking. Some riders can feel it, but some don’t so the latter ones don’t have any complaint or problems at all with the bike.


Handling for Yamaha is different; it has better stability. Even when you are moving downwards and dealing with bumps, the bike somehow stays planted and form, thanks to the solid suspension absorbing the impact. But then again, it is the cornering ability that needs improvement but even without the improvement, this bike still feels solid.


In the end, this bike has a great suspension with powerful torque and impressive engine, especially in the widest range. The stability and bump absorption are impressive too. Yamaha can try improving the front end stability and deal with the feel. They can also reduce the intake air box noise so it won’t be too loud.

Yamaha YZ250F, the Smooth but Powerful Ride
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