Tweaking Beta 350 RR for EnduroCross Race


EnduroCross event has been a place not only for offroad race but also unique individuals. There are definitely different kinds of personalities there with standout appearance, and one of them is Max Gerston. This Beta USA rider is known for his constantly wide grin and big cowboy hat, which is pretty handy to differentiate him from other rider as well as protecting himself from the direct Arizona ray.


Aside from popular figures on the event, there is also one major option of a ride. With four stroke 350cc bike, which is considered ideal and suitable for EnduroCross, teams and riders have come up with their best efforts to tweak the power, agility, and durability. This is the exact scheme for 350 RR Beta machine driven by Max Gerston.


The Italian machine is known as the beast because of the impressive power. Specially prepared by Gerston, the machine has gotten some mods and tweak works. They may not be visible but they significantly improve the power and handle.


First of all, the revision was made to the midrange power. The cylinder head was first flow tested before it was ported and massaged. Beta 350 has two injectors that are located in the airboot as well as the throttle body, designed to improve response and power. The transmission itself had been changed (try removed) with only two gears remaining: the first and second. The choice is made simple so there won’t be any complicated process when trying to get more power.


Along with the specification, there is FMF PowerBomb header to deal with exhaust arrangement. The header comes with Powercore muffler to improve efficiency and usage. Most of the systems have been altered and tweaked, including silicone Samco hose that moves the coolant from and to the radiator. It is designed for better flow. And then there is manual Rekluse clutch that moves 350’s power to Regina chain as well as Talon sprockets. To keep the chain stay in place, there is BRP chain guide that ensures strength and sturdiness.


The tweak went on with stock caliper and InnTeck brake rotors for improved power and efficiency. Even the footpegs were changed, with IMS pegs that would ensure Gerston’s boots remain relaxed and stayed on his bike no matter what. The combination of pegs and ODI grips will ensure him to remain comfortable during harsh condition and different maneuvers. To handle throttle body, there is throttle G2 ergonomics tube with stock ratio – just to keep everything checked and controlled.


Beta USA team didn’t stop there with the tweak because they were focusing on the dual compound Kenda traction. With Washougall II front and rear Kenda spec tire, these two elements were designed to provide solid platform and reliable cushion on the harsh terrain. The tires alone are pretty special, thanks to the specially modified Nitro Mousse bibs affecting tire’s flex. Dubya provided the wheels with D.I.D rims and Talon hubs. To complete the construction, there are light Motion Pro rim locks that will reduce the weight.  


Weight reduction had been a serious work because they were reinforced on different parts and elements. The usage of different kinds of materials is implemented so the team could cut down the entire weight, affecting the performance in whole. Titanium bolts are used for chassis and engine because they save a pound. And there is lighter MotoBatt battery. No need to worry about the protection because the back brake rotor and radiators are protected by Bullet Proof designs.


Suspension setup is smooth, with better shock absorbent. It is stiff but it has a plush and soft effect. Such a nice and cleaver tweak is certainly needed for Beta 350 RR for better outcome and push.

Tweaking Beta 350 RR for EnduroCross Race
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