TM Racing to Be Back Again to MXGP with Max Nagl


Within the last few days, the hype about the decision of TM factory racing to get back to MXGP again has been all over the place. After several years of hiatus and being inactive, the team has finally decided to get back to the racing platform, and this time, with a professional rider like Max Nagl. The German rider had made a decision to join the team and develop a team work that will help everyone involved for the sake of greater good.


Within the past two years, the Pesaro’s Italian based factory had decided to focus on young talents only, especially in the MX2 line. It was a good shot, considering that those talents are able to return the favors with their winning and achievement. Samuele Bernardini was able to achieve second heat winning during Indonesian GP. Davide Guarneri was able to finish on the 18th spot of the overall race back then in 2015.


This time, the team had decided to go back to the MXGP again, with a new machine and also a new rider. That’s why they signed up a deal with Nagl. For the German rider, this opportunity is completely new and exciting. He has been inspired by the team’s performance because it feels like a different reality with TM Racing Factory. Despite the small size, the team as a solid work and achievement and it fits Nagl’s preference.

Max Nagl
Max Nagl

For the upcoming 2018 model, they are going to be busy since they will work on the MX450FI. Naturally, it is the team’s job to provide the best ride only for Nagl but he will contribute to find the best setting. Nagl’s role is quite important because he will help during the development.


Meanwhile, the new MX 450FI is basically the advanced version of the same 2015’s prototype that was available at that time. Although updates will be focusing on the suspension, frame, and engine, they will make sure that they have made every possible updates for the comfort of the rider as well as the performance of the machine. This is one of the reasons why the development team will always be ready because they will constantly make changes and develop the overall layout the entire season. The idea is to improve the bike’s performance within every race to finally find a setting that suits Nagl.


According to Marco Ricciardi, the team’s manager, it was a great honor as well as achievement for them to have Nagl, welcoming him to the team. They have viewed Nagl’s performance from many aspects, including his career, professionalism, honesty, and also technical skills. Since the team has decided to get back to the important top class race, they need the right rider with impressive ability and achievement. With only the best rider, they are sure that will make an amazing year in 2018.


For Ricciardi himself, this is the time for evolution – for both them and Nagl. Not only is the decision important for TM Racing but also for the entire business. Although the championship world is great and some teams are able to do well, it is basically a journey. It is an evolution that will determine who will survive and who will lose. Some teams have decided to close off their MX2 team while some decided to stop racing for good.


For TM Racing, the journey has been great and they have decided to always move upward. Their decision to go back to MXGP has shown their determination. And now, they are going to work their best to prepare the perfect bike for Nagl while focusing at Samuele at the same time. Hopefully, all of their wishes will come true.

TM Racing to Be Back Again to MXGP with Max Nagl
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