Tips to Keep Your Bike Running Strong: The Handy and Working Hints


If you want your bike to last for a good, and even have an improved performance, it is due diligent to know some of the tips to keep your bike running strong. If you think that regular service and oil change is enough, well, it may be okay for a regular bike that doesn’t take a lot of beating. However, if you have an offroad or trail bike that takes a lot of beating, you may want to pay an extra attention. Maintaining your bike may take an extra effort but it doesn’t mean that you will do an excessive work or such thing alike.


Some of the Basic Work

So, what are the basic things you need to have for the maintenance and service? Here are some of the simple tips to keep your bike running strong:

  • Check the cables regularly and then lubricate them. This is an inexpensive and simple way to maintain your bike. Unfortunately, not many people would understand the importance of such thing. Do this method more often when it is pouring or when it is winter. When you set out to the wild, facing dirty and muddy setting, it is super important to perform a more regular cleaning. You don’t want the grit or mud to build up on the cables or the levers. Once you have cleaned the cables, don’t forget to lubricate them. The combination of the two will prolong the life of your bike.
  • Drain or bleed the brakes. Wait, is it necessary to drain the fluid from your brake? It couldn’t be more important. You see, the brake fluid will absorb the moisture, leading to less effective operation and internal corrosion. That’s why you need to drain the brake and then change the fluid. Don’t just fill out the new fluid without draining it first because you will only cause a buildup. While you are at it, don’t forget to check the pads. If it thins out then replace it. It will prolong your bike’s life as well as ensuring your safety.


Some of the Easy Maintenance

Here are other tips to keep your bike running strong:

  • Wash the bike. It would be better if you can do it after ever use. Use only water and different size of brushes so you can remove the mud and dirt. Feel free to use the pressure washer but mind the power. If it is too strong, it may even cause damages to the bike.
  • Proper dry and check it. Make sure to completely and thoroughly dry the bike before inspecting it. If you have a leaf blower, you can make the process go faster.
  • Perform the overall check. You want to check for leak, chain tension, and also bolts. Here is a handy tip: if the chain is muddy, let it dry overnight. By using the nylon brush, you can easily remove it.
  • Check for bolts and control cables.
  • Don’t forget to clean the air filter and tire pressure.


In the end, it isn’t difficult to perform the clean and maintenance. It may take an extra effort but it doesn’t have to be your additional burden. As long as you know the handy tips to keep your bike running strong and long lasting.

Tips to Keep Your Bike Running Strong: The Handy and Working Hints
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