How To Teach Kids Dirt Biking Safely in Safe Manners


It’s good that your kids are interested in riding but knowing how to teach kids dirt biking safely can be a challenge on its own. It may not be a problem for those who have the experience in the dirt bike industry but if you are totally clueless about it, knowing where to start is difficult. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to teach them something but it is surely to know some of the basic tips so you can avoid making rookie mistakes.

Class vs Personal Lesson

Kids Dirt Biking
Kids Dirt Biking

Some parents may decide that they want to let their kids join a riding class. They probably think that it is the best and also the safest method on how to teach kids dirt biking safely. For most people, this is probably the most logical reason – a professional class will certainly follow the procedure and the protocols. They have the gears, safety equipment, and other complete accessories that can help the kids’ progress without compromising their safety.

However, if you decide to teach your kids on your own, be sure that you know the risks. Be aware that such a method is risky and you are willing to bear them. Be sure that you are also aware that the risks can cost you more.

How to Do the Teaching Correctly

In the event that you decide to teach your kids on your own, the first thing is to make sure that you have chosen the right (and naturally safe) ride. The speed should be low and it should be controlled. Then, make sure that you choose the straight and flat dirt road only. Avoid bumps for a starter because it is likely that your kids will crash without going further. Trust me, after the first crash (which will likely happen straight away after the engine starts), they will easily get frustrated and then be afraid of going riding again.

How to teach Kids Dirt Biking
How to teach Kids Dirt Biking

Choose the flat, empty, and straight dirt road, and set your kids on it. They will appreciate it. They will definitely love it! The flat and straight road will keep them on the bike most of the time and they won’t have problems controlling it. Just do a simple routine – go, make sure it is straight, and then stop. Repeat it over and over again.

Remove the Training Wheels

How old are your kids? If they are above 4 years old, remove the training wheels. One tip among how to teach kids dirt biking safely is to teach them balance and how they should get used to it. If your kids are under 4 years old, the wheels are crucial, but for those above 4 years old, don’t even tell them about the wheels’ existence.

Other Useful Tips

Those are some of the very basic instruction and fact that you can do to teach your kids safely. There are other tips that you can try:

  • Never pick the too big or too powerful bikes. You may want to brag to your friends about your kids’ ability but putting them in a harm’s way isn’t cool. Pick the bikes that are coming with the right size and heights for your kids. They should be comfy enough when riding the bikes and they should be able to control it.
  • Just teach them one thing at a time. Teach them how to stay balanced will be a good starter. Then teach them how to operate in a straight line. On the next trip, you can teach them some moves or maneuvers. Then, you can teach them about using a higher speed level.
  • When you want to teach them turning, make sure that the area is flat, open, wide, and empty.

Start from there first and you can progress. Those are some of the basic things on how to teach kids dirt biking safely which can affect the safety and fun of everyone involved.


How To Teach Kids Dirt Biking Safely in Safe Manners
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