Stories and Celebrations behind the 8 Hours Dargo’s Event


There were interesting things and stories about the 8 hour Transmoto event taking place at Dargo. So many things were definitely happening. It wasn’t just about the event, the party atmosphere, and the crowds, but it was also about the setting and everyone involved in it.


For a starter, the setting itself has been a talk between people, especially among staffers. The 16 km setting is a natural and beautiful but it is more than just a pretty sight. The scene may start and end with 5 km of lush and attractive grasstrack. However, the setting in between is far from being appealing or lush. Imagine having to deal with steep hills, rock infested setting, and other difficult settings for as far as you have to go within the miles, And then you have to go through the pine forests and their narrow chutes and difficult spaghetti knee deep rut downhills.  


The setting was difficult. This year’s event wasn’t too technical, not as technical as last year, but it was a great pride to finish the race. From the happy and smiling faces of those who managed to finish, it was clear that the challenge was apparent and everyone able to finish it was happy to come to an end.


The event wasn’t about the race itself but more about the celebration. That’s why some of Transmoto traditions remain. For a starter, the pole position would be auctioned and the money would be going on a charity. For this year, the money will be donated to Bush Nurse Center. The bid stalled on $600 for a while since the offering was only for a minute start. But after it was extended to two minutes, the bidding war continued between Christian Barret and Steve Powell. Barret was able to win the bid by $1000 but his two minutes start simply vanished when he went over a log and injured the wrist.


It wasn’t all partying and enjoying things because injuries and accidents have become a part of the race. Although most of the injuries were abrasions bruises, and broken bones, some of the flesh wound cases can be quite nasty. Tom Livesay had to experience such a thing and yet he didn’t realize it. Dargo’s event was first for him and he fell on a sharp rock. He didn’t realize that he was injured until he finished and got back to the pit. It was the crew that saw the blood.


The medical team was able to clean the wound and rushed him to the Bairnsdale Hospital. It is too bad that they couldn’t help because they weren’t accustomed with such an injury. But then Livesay had to be transferred to Dandenong Hospital with a specialist and everything has been fine. The operation was complex but Livesay would be able to ride again within several days.  


Winners are always the proud ones but the struggle that they had to endure wasn’t easy, especially when it was related to Dargo’s event. After grueling 16 km and 18 difficult laps, imagine the state of physique and mind. For the Dargo’s event, Daniel Pahl took the first place, looking tired but happy. No wonder if the participants are called the ironmen, or ironwomen.


Daniel Milner from KTM stated that the track has always been rough and the process isn’t easy either. If he has to make a comparison, he would do it with the 4-Day Australian Enduro or ISDE. The physique and mental should be ready for the 8 hours condition, with a set-up determination and fitness level.  


But the event isn’t all about the race because everyone can enjoy their weekend over Dargo River Inn, a location where they can celebrate and have fun after a grueling day.

Stories and Celebrations behind the 8 Hours Dargo’s Event
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