Specialty Two Stroke Honda RC500 with Unique Tweaks


Tweaking and tuning the two stroke bike isn’t an easy feat and all experienced riders, even the technical men, know this. That is why whenever there is someone making a successful attempt to tweak and modify his bike, he will be deeply appreciated. Not only he will be the next inspiration, his work will also be appraised and recorded in the written history.


The same thing happened during Two Stroke Tuesday when the old-school Honda RC500 from the 90s came to the spotlight and stole the show. Thanks to the owner’s effort, Big John, the CR500 isn’t only looking handsome and mighty stylish but it also comes with the improved power and performance. It is a good thing that Boyesen has this Two Stroke event because not only people from all around the world can be inspired by the mod works, the proud owners of the bikes have the platform to show off their masterpiece. And let’s not forget that some of the off-road bike suppliers have the spot to introduce and market their products.  


There was a reason why Honda CR500 had become the center of attention, mostly because of the modification details on it. Whereas the saying ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’, it won’t be enough to describe the beauty of this old-school bike. And it hadn’t been an easy feat for John either, considering that he had to plan every little detail and spend years building the bike. But the man has the skill, being one of John Burr Cycles’ team members. And the fact that he has some of the right friends at the right spot also helps. In his case, having friends working at Honda is definitely an added perk.

Honda RC500
Honda RC500

There are some serious tweaks that he had done and he was able to do it quite smart. On the engine department, for instance, he rebuilt it with OEM Honda parts with focus on specs. CR500 is already a powerful beast so he keeps it that way with a minimum effort. All of the bike’s parts have been built by using aftermarket stuff from different sources, such as Works Connection, IMS, Dunlop, Honda, and Pro Circuit.


He wasn’t only focusing on function but also comfort and style. Such things as Pro Taper or GPR Stabilizers are included for the added comfort. And then DID black rims Dirt Star with oversized spokes and red Talon hubs are added to complete the transformation. Suspension was managed by Precision Concepts. To make everything more appealing, Throttle Jockey graphics complete the construction. And the bike has been proven to ride well because Big John still rides it – try once a week.


And let’s not forget the reliable two stroke hardware, with Samco radiator hoses as one of them. Unlike other radiator hoses that may be fragile, the items are made from reinforced fabric and premium silicone. No wonder if many racing teams in world-class events, like MotoGP, Formula One, World Super Bike, or NASCAR, have been using the product. Thanks to the quality and construction, the radiator hoses are stronger to withstand pressure and high operating temperature. In fact, the hoses are pretty effective to regulate temperature, even reducing it up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit.


The other hardware is Pro-MX SDP brake pads, another part taking a huge role in performance. The pad has been designed especially for cross country, endure, super cross, and motocross events, made from copper alloy sintered friction. It is able to quick ability with low lever attempt and high bite.


And let’s not forget Lucas Oil variants, the true race oils for improved performance and smooth outcome. Designed mainly for endurance, the oil will help lowering temperature, reduce noise, extend the life of the important parts, prevent leaks, and boost performance. With a wide range of variants, it offers great versatility and flexibility.

Specialty Two Stroke Honda RC500 with Unique Tweaks
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