How to Set up Your Training Goals with the Right Steps


Unless you buy your dirt bike for fun only (which is rarely happening unless you are super loaded), you need to know how to set up your training goals. It may seem simple but it can affect your training sessions as well as your final performance. After all, not many people really know how to start making plans or goals for their training period so this guide should provide a solid assistance for them.


The Importance of the Goals

On the contrary to what people believe, setting your own training goals can make a difference between a winner and a loser. Believe it or not, not many people really know what they want in terms of making a plan and the goal. You see, when you make your own plan and goal, you know exactly what you want. You know the steps. You know what comes next. You know the following stage that is about to happen. And it makes a huge difference. So, be sure to know how to set up your training goals efficiently.


Without the plan or the goal, big chances that you will end up wandering aimlessly between practices, without really knowing what to do or what to achieve. Not only this will waste your time, you basically gain nothing – another waste that can actually be avoided with careful and smart planning. So, if you want to avoid such thing, it is better if you can start making plans that are tailored to your condition, want, and preference.

how to set up your training goals
how to set up your training goals

Starting off Slow

So, how to set up your training goals, anyway? It would be better if you can take a slow progress. Take a baby step; start slow and small and work your way up. It is better to divide your plans into small steps and goals to make everything easier.


The first thing that you can do is to have the so-called A priority events. Whether it is local or big, these events will put your minds on the subject. Focus yourself on those events and be prepared. Every person can have three different events within a season so try to limit yourself to those three events, max. Be sure not to pick the usual weekend occasions – try to set the goal higher. But don’t strain yourself more than three because it will drain you and you won’t be able to do any effective training.


The next thing you should do is to set up the season goals – and it should be based on those A events. Let’s say that you are planning to join in a series championship where there are 5 small events in a series. Let’s say that you are planning to win three of them, at least be on the top three. Those are you’re a priority events goal and the season goals.


The final stage is to set up your own training objectives – and you should do it based on the season goal. Feel free to craft the training objectives the way you want it. For instance, you want to learn more about limiters so focus on them. Again, the methods of how to set up your training goals depend on your own needs and requirements so be sure to really know what you are up to.

How to Set up Your Training Goals with the Right Steps
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