Scott Motorsports Goggles


Goggles are an extremely vital piece of kit. Not only are they supposed to keep the dust and mud out of our eyes, but their most important function is to protect us from the sticks, rocks, loose bolts falling off the bike in front of us, and whatever else comes hurtling at our eyes whenever we jump on our bikes.

So we know why we have to wear goggles, and you probably figure the only difference is the colours right? Well the colour choice is important (which is why I went for this particular colour to match my boots and helmet) but there are big differences in brands and styles.

These Scott goggles (I think they’re model 89’s) come with the Scott Works System. This system is basically just a couple of plastic pins in the lens that can either hold some tear-offs of a roll-film system. Not a lot (if any) guys use a roll-film system on trails, but when the ground is wet and the guys in front are throwing roost at you by the bucket load, a couple of tear-offs on the front of your goggles can really come in handy.

The box tells me that the strap has silicon beads in it, which allows much better grip of the strap onto your helmet. In practice, I have not had my goggles slide off at all, even when impacting the ground directly onto the top of my head a couple of weeks ago. Whatever they’ve done must work.

The box also lists a heap of features like UV protected lens, clip on noseguard and much more, but I can’t vouch for any of that so I can’t really go into detail. If you want that info just google it from the Scott site themselves.

One major point that I have tested is the fogging of the goggles. The lens is supposed to be some flasho stuff that reduces fogging, and the air-flow in and around the goggles is supposed to eliminate fogging. Does it actually work I hear you asking… Yes, it does! I have very occaisionally gotten extremely minimal fogging towards the middle top area above the nose, but only in extreme conditions – where I been riding hard and I was very hot, yet it was a cold day, and was stopped for quite a while waiting for someone, still with all my gear on. Within ten seconds of starting off again all the fog was gone. This is a far cry from my last goggles which would fog up even on warmish days if I slowed down too much. The techies at Scott have really excelled themselves.

I find them a fairly comfortable set of goggles, the padding is fine although if anything, they’re probably a little on the small side for my head (but bear in mind I’ve got a big head).

The dust exclusion is excellent as well. We often get back from long, dusty rides and people start calling me ‘senore’ because it looks like I’ve got a big curly dirt mustache and nice clean eyes. At that point I either wash my face or start speaking in Spanish.

I can’t say that they’re the best goggles in the world, ‘cos I haven’t tried them all, but they’re the best pair I’ve ever owned.

Scott Motorsports Goggles
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