How to Replace Motorcycle Clutch Pack: Steps to Do So


Do you know how to replace motorcycle clutch pack? The knowledge can be handy for you, even saving you money because you can do everything on your own. But then again, don’t forget to be extra careful about everything.


The Function and Use

Why is the knowledge of how to replace motorcycle clutch pack important? Well, clutch is the device connecting the motorcycle’s transmission to engine. It will then be adjusted when to stop, when to slip (during high speed) or when to drag (when low speed). The clutch is important to balance out the engine, especially the rpm. After all, it will wear off after several moments of being used. It is better to ask for help when you are clueless about it – don’t do it yourself.


How to Replace the Clutch Pack

You should know when to replace the clutch, especially when it starts shuddering or slipping. It is important to replace the friction plates right away, for your own safety. So, how to replace motorcycle clutch pack?

  • First of all, keep in mind that the clutch plates are consumable components – similar to tires and brake pads.
  • Then pop open the engine so you can remove and then replace the clutch pack
  • Your bike should sit on the center stand. Drain the oil altogether. Make sure it drains properly. If you see a radiator hose being attached to the engine’s cover right side, then you need to think about the cooling system and drain it
  • If you see any clutch cable, you need to disconnect it. Remove the bolts that are holding the clutch cover. Note the locating dowels. If you can, you can preserve the special cover gasket – it can be re-used.
  • Remove the screws on the clutch spring bolts so you can remove the springs. Remove the inner pressure plate. You can remove the clutch pack one by one plate while checking for broken or damaged plates. You need to stack them in the order they are removed, checking for narrow friction plates or judder springs.
  • Check for the outer basket if there are any grooves. You also want to check for bluing aspect, a sign that they are burned. When they are burned, they will likely warp so replace them.
  • When you want to replace the new friction plates, you soak them in oil. Once the pressure plate mates with the existing splines (within the inner hub), it is the right one. Then you need to install the existing springs. Tighten the bolts to the torque.
  • When the cover gasket is still in good condition, you can reuse it although it is a good idea to use the fresh one. Replace the new cover and then attach the clutch cable. You need to add oil, set the lever free play, and then go for a ride. Don’t forget to recheck the free play after driving for 100 miles.


Now that you know how to manage everything, you can test it out on your own. Having the knowledge of how to replace motorcycle clutch pack can help you care for your own bike.


How to Replace Motorcycle Clutch Pack: Steps to Do So
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