Real Dirt Bikes Facts and How to Choose Them


In general, when people are talking about real dirt bikes, they are talking about kids dirt bike. No, you don’t read it wrong. Some kids do like riding bikes, and it is quite common for some of them to prefer the dirt bikes. If you read some biographies of the world-class riders, many of them have started young – as young as 6 or 7 years old.

In the event that your kids start showing interested in the dirt bikes – and they want to ride it – don’t be panicky just yet. Consider some of your options and the basic guidance of how to choose the appropriate real dirt bikes for them.

Starting off

Real Dirt Bikes
Real Dirt Bikes

Before you start marching off to the nearest store to buy the bikes (just because you know that you can afford it), answer some of these questions first:

  • How old is your kid? At what age do you think it would be right for them to ride the bike?
  • What reason for them to ride? Do you want to do it for the sake of personal enjoyment or do they wish to compete in events or races?
  • Do your kids understand safety concern and they know the reasons for safety gear?
  • Do you think you should include them in a class?
  • Do you know what size would be good for newbies?
  • Do you think young kids should take part in any competitions?

Be sure to be completely honest in answering these questions. It is not about right or wrong – it is more about setting up the right foundation so your kids can have a safe and smooth start.

Some Considerations

Remember, the right real dirt bikes aren’t always the expensive ones. You need to match your actual condition with the needs of your kids. For instance, do you think you can invest money, time, and energy for your kids’ activity? Do you think you can afford it? Do you think you can spend some time driving them to class or course, and then accompany them when there are events? If the answers are already no, then no need to move forward – it is obvious that you won’t be able to do it. If you force it out, it is likely that everything will stop in the middle.

Some tips to help you making the right choice:

  • Don’t go overboard. Most importantly, don’t choose the big bikes especially if your kids are new to this. Buying a 350cc or 450cc bike is simply a stupid move. If your kids are beginners, go with the 50cc.
  • It’s ok to buy secondhand or used bikes. The new one is costly. Unless you are ready to spend that much of money, you should look for the secondhand option. It is also a wiser option, in case your kids crash in the first attempt and then decide not to continue with their ‘dream’. You won’t lose too much money. Renting the bike, though, isn’t advisable.
  • Be sure that the bike truly fits. Your kids should be able to reach the ground and gain solid stability or sit correctly on the bike. For safety reason, your kids should be comfortable when riding it and the measurement should be fit.
  • Don’t forget to tag your kids when you want to buy the bikes. Although you think that 50cc is ideal for them, they may think that it is too weak. But when trying out the 100cc, it is too strong. Then you can choose in between.


In the end, choosing the right bike shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you can make the careful option. Now that you know the basic tips of real dirt bikes, you can make a better decision.

Real Dirt Bikes Facts and How to Choose Them
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  1. Back when I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a dirtbike racer. I begged my parents to purchase a large, new bike for me. I’m glad you mentioned the importance of matching your skill level and ability with the bike you purchase. Thank you for helping me to understand that the most expensive dirtbikes aren’t always the ones most suited to your success.

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