Racer Magazine History, Existence And Functions


Racer magazine is another publication focusing on the racing world, whether it is the four wheelers or the two wheelers. If you want to get the updates for the industry, getting access to this publication will grant you the path that you want. Of course, there are many publications out there, but this magazine is able to stand out among the others.

About Racer Magazine

 Racer Magazine
Racer Magazine

Racer magazine was first set up in 1992 and the first issue was released in May 1992. Laurence Foster is the editor in chief, and the magazine itself is focusing on motoracing industry. The magazine has 8 periods of publication in a year.

The magazine is the American publication with headquarter in Irvine, California. The magazine is the sister to Racer.com site, which is running and operating online. As it was mentioned before, this magazine is focusing on the racing industry on both four and also two wheeler sports. They cover some of the most popular racing events like World Rally Championship, Drag NHRA Racing, IndyCar Series, Formula One, NASCAR, and also local racing and feeder series. You should be able to find extensive photos of vehicles involved in the events. The company has a custom publishing division, SportsCar magazine that is dedicated for the America Sports Car Club.

The Long History

Racer magazine was first published in 1992, in May of the year. In 1999, it was rewarded one of the best 12 magazines in America. Later on, the company was bought by Haymarket Publishing, a London-based company in 2001. In 2012, the magazine was sold back to the founders, now running by the name Racer Media and Marketing Inc.

Enjoying the Contents

Of course, the decision to enjoy the contents depends on you. If you are into racing industry so much, whether it is for cars and motorcycle, and you feel the need to get the constant updates, tuning to the sources will get you insight and current news. Some people don’t mind spending extra money for the magazine subscription but some don’t really have the budgets, so they prefer the online type. Even through a free service, you can still get a lot of updates about the industry.

enjoy Reading Racer Magazine
enjoy Reading Racer Magazine

There are categories for the racing events. There are also sections for videos, Racer Store, and even cars for sale. Complete information? You can find it here at the online site, for sure.

Affordable Subscription

In the event that you want to subscribe to the magazine for the written published form (not the online version), you can always have a more affordable way to subscribe to the magazine. You can always have an agreement to buy a yearly subscription straight, which can generally save you money. Most people may buy the magazine from the booth or you may like the idea of short subscription period, like 3 months or 6 months offer because you think that you save up money. But in reality, directly subscribe for a year service will save you quite a lot. Not to mention that you may get discounts or extra item bonuses from the company.

You can also try the discount card or discount code that you may find when you access other services related to this magazine. It is not a bad idea, after all, to make use of the discount card. Feel free to try the online system and jot in the provided discount code. Not only the online system provides easier (and simpler) system, you can save quite a lot of money along the way too. In the end, only you who can decide what you want to do with Racer magazine, whether you choose the published one or the online system.


Racer Magazine History, Existence And Functions
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