How To Prevent Dehydration when Dirt Biking with Simplest Methods


Riding offroad can be fun but it can also be super hot so knowing how to prevent dehydration when dirt biking won’t hurt anyone. Even when you are setting out there and doing fun things, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. No matter what, dirt biking is still a type of a sport and you still want to keep yourself properly hydrated to prevent any possible harm to he body. Don’t underestimate this activity. Just be sure that you have enough water supply to cool you off.

Dehydration Prevention

Dirt biking can be pretty hot and toasty because you are going out there under the direct sun, with your gear and stuff, and it would be difficult to believe that you won’t be sweating like crazy. For some people, dehydration can affect their condition – it is really weakening. The best thing that you can do is to prevent the condition from happening.

Dehydration when biking
Dehydration when biking

So, how to prevent dehydration when dirt biking with some simple methods and steps?

  • It would be a good idea to fill in the water bag or bottle with water the night before. No need to fill it up full – half would be enough.
  • Keep the water inside the freezer. When you are ready for the ride, add a little water and keep it in the cooler.
  • The ice from the freezer will make the water stay cold. Moreover, as the ice melts, it will add the water content along the way. Just make sure that you tightly close the bottle or the bag so the water won’t leak out

It doesn’t hurt to always take off your gear, including your boots, when you are having lunch events in between the ride. It will cool you off in the simplest manner while you take a big gulp of water.

Further Dehydration Prevention Methods and Steps

How to Prevent Dehydration when Dirt Biking with Simplest Method
How to Prevent Dehydration when Dirt Biking with Simplest Method

There are also further ways and methods on how to prevent dehydration when dirt biking.

  • Try consuming foods rich in water, such as melons. Not only they are rich in water, they can be cold and refreshing when kept inside the cooler. Besides melons, you can also try peaches or oranges
  • Always have a damp towel whenever you ride. Keep it inside the cooler. When you take a break, drape the towel around the neck, it will cool off the carotid artery which can affect the whole body cooling system – believe it or not.
  • Hydrate small but often. It is advisable that you take several sips several times instead of one big gulp only once or twice. Taking too much will only make you feel bloated –and it isn’t good for your system either. You want to take several sips more often so your body will remain hydrated most of the time.
  • In the event that you are back from the ride and your RV is packed with AC, you may want to sit outside and use the fan to cool you off. After your body is exposed to high temperature the whole time, exposing it to sudden temperature differentiation will lead to the system’s shock. If you are using a fan, you may want to start spraying your skin with the water. It will wet the skin and when combined with the fan use, it will be amazing.

Besides all of these tips, it doesn’t hurt if you can choose sports drink with electrolytes to replace the lost ones. You lose electrolytes when you sweat and plain water can’t replace those electrolytes. Be sure to choose the quality ones – not just ones packed with sugar.  You want to stay away (even for a bit) from coffee or tea. These are some simple but handy tips on how to prevent dehydration when dirt biking.


How To Prevent Dehydration when Dirt Biking with Simplest Methods
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