Possible Modifications with the Right Parts for Kawasaki KLR650


Kawasaki KLR650 has always been designed as one of the most versatile vehicle for the road. Whether it is bumpy, smooth, steep, or flat, this bike will do the trick in the most amazing way. It is one of the old-school bikes taken back to 1987 but the impressive features still last till today. After all, there are a lot of things to expect from such a vehicle, anyhow.


The greatest thing about this bike is the handy everyday functional aspects. Going to work would be as easy and enjoyable as going up the mountain. Even when used in the long distance trip, this bike still delivers impressive performance.


It would be too much to say that KLR650 is the best or the handiest or the most powerful bike in the industry because there are still other series of line that can do the work better. But when it comes to handle, control, easiness, and flexibility, this one is able to deliver the job quite well. Whether it is going up the mountain or cruising on the urban street, this bike won’t disappoint anyone.


Whether it is the unbeaten dirt path in the middle of nowhere, this bike will still deliver comfortable riding for the user. After all, the combination of reliable power, sturdy frame, and cheap sticker price is the favorite part about the bike. And it would be only logical if certain modifications are done to improve the comfort and also functionality of the unit.


One factor about comfortable bike ride is the seat. Sargent Touring Sport World Adventure seat is one of the logical options for comfy riding. It comes in two different heights for shorter and taller riders. The design is odd and unique but it is designed to accommodate comfortable sitting and create sitting balance. It also helps distributing weight for improved comfort. There is an option of heated seats for extra price, naturally.

Kawasaki KLR650
Kawasaki KLR650

Pivotpegz MK3 is another mod option for improved comfort. Sitting on the bike would mean total control and security. Having a classic and old-school hinged footpegs is one of the best options for stability and sturdiness. Whatever terrains ahead, the footpegs will provide solid platform. Plastic guards as optional pick are possible for extra spending.


The handlebar Touratech risers may look simple but they affect the overall comfort and usage of the bike. They can tweak the handlebar construction only a little but the tad bit change can affect the overall comfort and also ergonomics while riding. Because these risers make the riders sit in the right posture, it reduces the back strain that leads to pain.


Being in the upright position is crucial for riders especially for long distance. It somehow gives a steadiness for attack ready position when hitting the road. Not all handlebar risers can do this job perfectly.


One of the most crucial mods that should be done on bikes, no matter what type they are, is the suspension. Suspension is about function, performance, and comfort. KLR650 may be a comfortable ride but having 465 Progressive suspension kit with fork spring and shock will be an added bonus. Anyone looking for better handle, longer lasting quality parts, and improved comfort should be looking at this kit. The fork spring and the shock kit are able to provide soft but firm setup on both front and rear area.


Performing modification doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. OEM parts are affordable which makes it great when paired up with such an inexpensive bike like KRL650. Modifications aren’t always needed but when it is able to improve the comfort, and a little bit of performance, then why not?

Possible Modifications with the Right Parts for Kawasaki KLR650
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