The Participants for the Upcoming Arenacross 2018


The next hip thing is just around the corner and everyone is excited about it. It is about the Arenacross Tour 2018 where everyone is anticipating and waiting. The event will take place within weeks on the biggest venues in England, and exciting events are about to happen. With the most challenging and hottest indoor racing events, not to mention that the best talents will take part, it should be one entertainment that becomes a must-see show.


It is not only the racing contents – it is about the combination of shows of pyro, laser, and lights that are shown to the audience in the UK. Enjoy while it lasts before everything will move again to Germany and Belgium, continuing the fun. In this first world-class AX Tour, there is a lot of fun to expect so it is an event that everyone has been waiting for.


This is the event that will bring only the best as well as the top riders and their teams. This 2018 will be the witness of how these talented riders and their teams are working together, trying to win the prize money. For this year, be ready to win a total of £150,000 prize money. It doesn’t include the available total of £63,000 for the teams. No wonder if the best world-class teams are trying to get the indoor invitation for the event.


This is going to be a fun show, perfect for the common family entertainment on Saturday night in winter. And Arenacross have announced some of the names of teams and riders that are joining the hottest event within the last periods of the year.


The first participant is Thomas Ramette who is going to appear on the event with Cyrille Coulon, his team mate and also the Suzuki SR75 team. They are planning to make a four winning of Pro Championship in a row after sealing the first three successfully. And then, there is the Champions FX Race Team 2017 with their main rider, Angelo Pellegrini from Italia. Pellegrini was actually winning teh second place after Cedric Soubeyras, a former team mate, on the overall 2017 Pro Champs. But this year, Soub (the call for Soubeyras) has been joining FRO Systems team, working side by side with Ashley Greedy, the AX’s badboy.


Those who have been favoring the French rider, Fabien Iziord, may be thrilled to know that the AX 2014 Tour champion will be joining the 2018 event. He will be joining the Honda Buildbase team, becoming the second rider. Meanwhile, the British Kawasaki green team will be coming with Jack Brunell and also Adam Chatfield. It may be a surprise that Chatfield is likely saying goodbye from the Honda, but rumor has it that he has been spotted riding a green bike.


Expect to see some surprising things that may not unthinkable before. Such as the MVRD Husqvarna will be preparing two teams to ‘attack’ the show. Naturally, they will come with the best riders only, with the French rider Adrien Escoffier and the German champ Nique Thury – accompanied by Ham Kullas and Jordan Booker. Thury, especially, is quite ecstatic for the upcoming world finals on the 10th of March, which will take place in the Dusseldorf’s ESPRIT arena, his home soil.


Elliott Banks-Browne, a former AX star, will be representing Geartec Husqvarna. He is trying to get back to the race after a serious accident a few years ago. And to make things more interesting, the two stroke class will be back. The KTM GL12 will be coming with James Dunn and Mike Kras for the class. Another team is the JK Yamaha, but the details are still unknown.

The Participants for the Upcoming Arenacross 2018
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