Motorcycle Oil Change without Stand: Is It Possible?


Some motor riders who don’t have their own stand are getting confused of getting the oil changed because they don’t know if it is possible to have a motorcycle oil change without stand. So, what’s the fuss about it, anyway? How does the stand matter and how it affects your process of changing the oil?


The General Process

When you want to change the oil, you want to se the bike on a stand because you want to drain the oil properly. You see, when you change the oil, you will have to remove the previous oil first, drain it first completely until the container is dried enough, and then refill the new one. And to have the process run perfectly and smoothly, the stand is needed.


In a way, you will need to have the bike levered on a higher ground so the drainage process can run smoothly. That’s why most people want to have a stand to help them with the process. However, not everyone has the stand. Some may prefer not having the stand at all while some may be buying the stand and have it on the way. So, is it possible to have motorcycle oil change without stand?


In the general idea, it is always possible to change the oil without the stand at all. As long as you are flexible enough and you are creative in finding the alternative methods, you can always manage it. For most people, it is only about changing the oil, not performing the heart surgery.


Some of the Possible Ways

One of the biggest concerns about having the motorcycle oil change without stand is about the container and how to containing the oil for the drainage. Some people are able to change the oil without the central stand. They use the side stand, be able to slide the container, and drain it effectively.


However, some people find out that such a way doesn’t work at all because they can’t drain the tank quite completely and effectively. But some people have been quite creative over the years, and here are some of the possible alternatives:

  • They use the side stand and then hold up the bike on a straight posture on their own for a good minute or two until there is no oil drop.
  • They use the same method as the first one but have someone else to straighten up the bike. The other person is holding on the bike while they are checking on the oil.
  • Some people use a car ramp, load the back side of the bike on the ramp, slide a cinder block, and they are good to go.
  • Some use the jack stands
  • Some make use of the parking with a curb, especially the one that can hold up a good ninety degree angle.


In the end, you can improvise on how you want to change the oil. If you decide to change it on your own, having a stand will be handy – or you need to be creative to find the solution. In the end, it is always possible to have motorcycle oil change without stand as long as you know how.


Motorcycle Oil Change without Stand: Is It Possible?
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