Motorcycle Chain Adjustment Tool: The Chain Monkey


Although the motorcycle chain adjustment tool has been created, not everyone is familiar with the way – or even want to use it. Most people prefer using the traditional and old school way when they can adjust the chain manually. But such a tool is created for a reason and it doesn’t hurt to try using the tool – only as an alternative way for the mechanism. Just because you have the tool, it doesn’t always mean that you should always wear it, right?


The Chain Monkey

It is one of the most popular modern motorcycle chain adjustment tool that is available these days. The idea is to set off the chain slack when doing the adjustment work. The tool itself is made of plastic for the body and metal screw with adjustable feature.


When you buy the tool, it should come with instructions. How do you use this motorcycle chain adjustment tool?

  • You need to measure the chain slack and then set the chain monkey’s nut for the optional slack number.
  • Tighten the stopper which is located on the low area
  • Unscrew the rod (the threaded one, mind you) and then place the tool over the chain.
  • Tighten it until the area of the rubber stopper makes contact with teh plastic.
  • This will create a kink within the chain
  • Adjust the chain. Use the swingarm nuts.
  • You can tell whether it is tight enough or still loose.
  • You want to adjust it to a very tight feel, and then you should also tighten the swingarm nuts
  • Once you have removed the tool, your chain isn’t only adjusted but also within the standard spec.
motorcycle chain
motorcycle chain

Some Possible Issues

For some people, this motorcycle chain adjustment tool itself isn’t really worth helping in their mechanism. That’s why they prefer the old school and traditional way. Not to mention that using the tool really requires some time of getting used to. The most common issues with this tool are:

  • How close should you set the tool?
  • Are you sure that the rubber stopper has moved?
  • How tight should you make the chain with the screws?

But then again, if you are willing to spend extra time practicing, this tool is proven to be handy and useful. It may be difficult at first but it won’t be after several usages.


For those who have used the tool, they feel that the tool is quite helpful.  If you don’t do a lot of work for chain adjusting, this tool may be proven useless but for those who deal with chain adjustment quite a lot, this tool can be a handy addition. It makes the process go faster and you can skip one process, which can be quite useful for the overall work.


Final Words

Whether you need this tool or not is up to you. Whether you want to stick to the old school system or you want to try something new, it is completely in your hands. Just keep in mind that motorcycle chain adjustment tool is designed and created for a purpose and you should be helped with it, not making you go to further issue.

Motorcycle Chain Adjustment Tool: The Chain Monkey
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