Motocrossed, A Lesson Learned from Disney’s Family Movie


Hearing the word Motocrossed may seem like an odd term in the motorbike industry. You may have guessed that the term is somewhat related to the motocross subject. But no need to get a headache because this word is only a title of a movie. Yes, that’s right, it is a family movie title with the major topic of, you guess it, motocross.

About Motocrossed and the Theme

It is a Disney movie that was released back then in 2001. Yes, it isn’t a new movie but it is somewhat quite memorable – perhaps because of the uncommon theme and subject. Being set as one of the production from Disney Channel Movie Original, the movie is about a girl who loves the sports. But you can guess it – there are just so many obstacles for her to reach her dream. The main character is Andrea Carson and she has a twin brother, Andrew Carson. Both of them love the sports so much but their father only approves of Andrew getting into the sports – with the reason that she is ‘simply a girl’ and how much the sports can be dangerous for her.


The opportunity comes along when her brother, Andrew, suddenly dislocates his knee – while he is about to undergo a big race. It can be a disastrous event, right? Their father has to fly to Europe so he can find Andrew’s replacement. But the attempt takes time and Andrea has to do something. With her mom’s help, she secretly replaces Andre’s place in the race. As you may have guessed, the movie has a pretty predictable ending where everyone will be happy with their choices and options. Not many people know, though, that  Motocrossed is basically adapted from Twelfth Night, belonging to William Shakespeare. Of course, it is a loose adaptation but the inspiration was taken from there.

The movie lasts for 91 minutes and it is under the comedy genre, despite some motocross actions. It seems that the motocross scenes aren’t considered risky that it would change the genre. It was written by Douglas Sloan and Ann Austen and produced by George Perkins. The director was Steve Boyum.

Many Lessons to Take

The reason for Andrea to take his brother’s place isn’t for nothing. When their parents are out of the house before the big race, both Andrea and Andrew are having a friendly sibling race on the track belonging to their family. It is during the race that Andrew gets hurt and then dislocates his knee.

motocross racing movie
motocross racing movie “Andrea”

At the same time, Andrea is having her own personal battle where her passion for motocross racing has to be limited because her father doesn’t approve. Being an old-school individual, her father believes that Andrea should stick doing only girl things – and the motocross racing is definitely not one of them. Because of Andrew’s injury, the father is forced to stop his work and then fly to Europe to find the replacement rider for the race. It does create a financial problem for the family.

While her father is going away, Andrea is determined to prove a point that motocross is her life – aside from the fact that she is feeling guilty over her brother’s injury. Throughout the movie, viewers will see Andrea’s struggle to prove everyone that she deserves to be in the race – and that she has the ability to win the race. The Motocrossed isn’t all packed up with motocross scenes because it is also loaded with family values.

The Overall Message

As what you can expect from a family movie, especially from Disney production, everyone will have a happy ending. Andrea is able to win the race and the family’s financial problem can be resolved. The whole family gets a sponsorship from a well-known company and Andrea is able to live her dream. Not to mention that romance sparks up during the entire course of the movie, between Andrea and the competitor. Yes, it is a predictable plot of story but then again, that’s the entire idea of Disney’s movie: you can dream and you should dream high.

Moreover, the Motocrossed is about girl power and women emancipation, basically. This is a universal theme that has been an issue for years: the principle that both genders can do things equally. What men can do, the women can also do it – sometimes even better. It is a good theme, really, although you should also be prepared of some of the really cheesy scenes. But as in every family movie, such a thing should be expected. Some of the predictable outcome shouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

But in the end, you can learn that you should never underestimate a thing or an individual – no matter what gender they are. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong will and determination. And when it is about girl power, this Motocrossed certainly has it all.


Motocrossed, A Lesson Learned from Disney’s Family Movie
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