Motocross Suspension Troubleshooting Solutions and Alternatives


There is some common and possible motocross suspension troubleshooting. After all, the bike is a machine – it is quite common for wear, tear, and usage. For the motocross unit that gets a lot of beating and rough treatment, there are some common issues that are happening to the parts and the unit itself. So, what are commonly the issues?


Front Side Fork

There are some common issues happening to the front fork. Depending on the issue, there are some motocross suspension troubleshooting solutions that you can try. What are they?

  • Headshaking on deceleration. It may be caused by too low pressure on the front tire. It is also possible that the sidewalls of the tire are cashed. Moreover, the fork spring may be too soft or the fork oil is too low. The tire pressure should be 15 psi and then check for cracks on the sidewalls. See if raising the fork oil level to 5mm resolves your issue. And preload stiffer springs or even spacers for the matter.
  • Inconsistent feel of fork compression. It is possible that the fork clamps are not aligned or the triple clamp bolts on the lower area are too tight. Loosening them and then tightening them again. Make sure to align the axle clamp on the front side.
  • Oversteering front end and turns wash out. It is commonly caused by too stiff arrangement for the fork spring so the fork tubes can’t overlap enough. You can solve the issue by replacing it with softer springs, adjust the compression adjuster, and increase the overlap fork tube 5mm.
  • Shuddering fork when going downhill and over bumps. The fork tubes are definitely out of balance so the best way to solve it is to service it and check the spring length. You may want to pay extra attention to the axle clamp setting as well as the triple clamp torque.
  • Too much for diving when braking. The main cause can be contaminated or low fork oil levels with soft springs. You need to replace the fork springs and service it.
motocross suspension
motocross suspension

Rear Side Shocks

Besides the front fork, the most common issues are also happening on the rear shocks. So, what are the motocross suspension troubleshooting solutions?

  • The damping performance becomes soft we riding. The most likely cause is the shock oil and it has been contaminated. You need to service it right away.
  • The rear end chatters when accelerating out from the turns. It is either the LSC is too soft the LSR is too stiff. You should try with the LCS adjuster tune, three clicks away. And then do a couple clicks with the LSR.
  • Too little or too much sag. It is either the springs needs less or more preload. The best thing that you can do is to loosen or tighten the spanner ring for sag adjustment before tightening the jam nut.
  • Oil leakage on the rear shock. It is possible that shaft scratches and wear, worn seal packs, and perforated bladder are responsible for iit. You have to rebuild the shock again and ensure the absence of shaft wear this time.


Those are some of the most common issues happening to the suspension. Of course, there are still plenty more out there. But knowing the general motocross suspension troubleshooting can help during emergency.

Motocross Suspension Troubleshooting Solutions and Alternatives
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