Mods Work on Two KTM 300 XC and 300 XC-W Units


KTM has been doing a busy project involving two different kinds of motorcycles, the XC and XC-W models. They may share almost similar names but they come in different constructions and models. With both 300 XC and 300 XC-W, there are some serious improvements to expect.


XC models come with close ratio transmission semi linkage, air fork from EAR WP48, and no lights, designed for more aggressive use that is perfect for off-road setting. The XC-W models, on the other hand, come with non-linkage shock, fork from WP 48Xplor, lights, and also wide ratio transmission, designed for less off-road use. They can be used for off-road terrain but with slower trail and more technical requirements.


Despite the differences, both models have impressive speed and flexible machine. However, it is quite surprising why the XC models sell out quicker than the XC-W with higher demands too. That’s why, Jay Clark, a professional dirt rider wants to show the world how similar these two models can be with minor modification work and the right parts. Bikers can make adjustments to their bikes in case they can’t find the XC or XC-W models they want.


The modification on XC is designed to create a trail-ish unit by adding front headlights. The stock was taken from XC-W model. The addition isn’t meant to create a serious transformation; just a simple addition to make XC models more trustworthy when driven by nightfall.


For the XC-W, the work is designed to make the model stronger and more powerful. The mods are done by installing Mikuni carburetor, along with a reed cage and a pipe with the machined head. By opening the squish, pumping the gas run is still doable. The model offers a lot of room for compression so adding it will be possible.

KTM 300 XC
KTM 300 XC

Both of the models are added IMS coolant and fans overflow can within the frame. For the XC models, the lights can be installed with all ready plugs to wire for both the front and back, including the rear support and rear fender. For the XC-W model, the same headlights arrangement can be made.


Both models get the oversize and big gas tanks to accommodate long distance travel. When tested out in the wild, both of them are running well. They have their own differences which are apparent when driven, but they both deliver satisfying power and improved performance for tackling the off-road terrain.


Doing the modification isn’t advisable for those who are not the experts in the field. Besides the fact that it requires a special skill to tune up and make the changes, the lists of parts can be a headache for the unfamiliar individual. Expect such parts like Replica Pro Piston Kit that includes pin, clips, and ring or carbon guard FMF pipe included in the mods. Naturally, the list is still long and quite complicated so consult only the professional to help with the work.


In the end, both of the XC models as well as XC-W models can still make up what lack from their construction with some modification updates. KTM has done a great job in developing both lines, despite the downsides, but they have shown good work in terms that both bikes can be modified through some exchanging parts. And it is proven that the final outcome is satisfying.


The addition of lights in XC models is helpful. The fact that the lights don’t hamper the movement and maneuverability is a good thing. Suspension is also improved in a plusher and cushier mode. For the XC-W, the throttle response is better, but it is not as strong as the XC. Moreover, the combination of PDS shock and WP fork is perfect to deliver more comfort.

Mods Work on Two KTM 300 XC and 300 XC-W Units
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