Limiters in Motorsport: What Are They and How to Overcome It


What are limiters in motorsport, anyway? You need to remember that there are different kinds of motorsport athletes. The first one is the professional athlete who dedicates their entire time for practice and training. The second one is the weekend warrior – meaning that they do the motorsport for the sake of hobby or fun. In short, they are doing the sport as a side project or a part-time activity.


These people may have the daredevil attitude with limitless bravery. But you still need to remember that they are humans with limitations. No matter what kind of motocross biker you are, each of the categories has their own limitation. The professional athlete has the limited energy to recover and train while the second one is limited by the time. But when you are able to focus on the so-called limiter, you can actually benefit from those downsides.

limiters in motorsport

More about Limiters

What is limiter, anyway? It is a skill covering the mental and physical ability (but also covers a health habit or a lifestyle) focusing on the weakest aspect that holds your ability. When you are able to identify your limiters, you can actually train smarter – not only harder. For instance, if your limiter is your mental state in relation to confidence, then you should focus on it. What makes you low in confidence? What things can affect it? How can you boost it?


Now that you are already aware of the terms of limiters, what can you do? Well, the thing about limiters in motorsport is there are many factors that can set your ability backward. Sometimes, a person may not have one limiter but two or three, and these limiters are the combined elements of mental, health, physical, skill, and so much more.


Ways to Deal with Limiters

As you are well aware of, the motorsport world isn’t exactly the laid back and completely relaxed subject. You need to be serious about it – whether on the professional level or just for fun. The first thing that you can do to deal with your limitation is to be honest about it. Even if you are good in it, you aren’t the best biker in the world – deal with the fact. The only way for you to handle the limiters in motorsport is to be straightforward and frank about it


Create a list and divide your limitation in sections. Here is the example:

  • Skill limiters: not able to do tight turns or do proper body positioning
  • Physical limiters: injuries and flexibility
  • Mental limiters: inability to focus and fear
  • Health or lifestyle limiters: unhealthy eating habit, sleeping patterns, and junk food

If you have made the list, you can state the severity (e.g, the top ones are the severe ones).


It is okay to make your list of the positive things you have made or achieved. If you have positive attitudes, they can be a match to your limiters. And then create a story of yourself by comparing the positive and negative. For instance, I am a talented rising star with good skills but my body positioning is still poor and I can’t do tight turns correctly. I am fit and healthy but I have injuries from my past accident. Not to mention that I am not flexible enough. According to others, I am quite aggressive and I am determined but I often lack focus and my fear from my past accident keeps holding me down. Those are ways to deal with limiters in motorsport to help you deal with your restriction.


Limiters in Motorsport: What Are They and How to Overcome It
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