KTM SXF Series Review: Some of the Powerful Variants


When you read KTM SXF series review, which line comes to mind? The 250 or the 350? As we are all aware of the SX-F series, they have proven their quality and performance. Naturally, there are some great things you can expect from the line, especially for the updates and changes due in 2017 model. So, let’s start with the verdict.


About the 250 SX-F 2017

For this line, there are some big changes happen along the way, although nothing grandeur or super fancy. KTM has been focusing on some of the key changes – an improvement from the Factory Edition 2016 model. The AER WP 48mm fork is one of the changes, replacing the 4CS design. To pair it up, KTM is also making changes to the top triple clamps with more rigid design (help improving the cornering) as well as decreasing the thickness on the outerfork tube (to improve the flexibility of the fork).


Those aren’t the only changes happening to the bike; expect others, such as updated less stiff handlebar mounts, aluminum head, softer spring rate on the rear shock, traction control switch, and also multiple switch handlebar. The updates may seem small and minor but everything turns out to be able to improve the overall performance, especially when coming out of the corners. Although the bottom end isn’t too powerful, it feels grippier and snappier. It feels easy to handle and it is surprisingly smooth. If you read the KTM SXF series review, you will see that a lot of riders have complimented the quality performance of this 2017 model.


And if you prefer fast and aggressive riding type, you will love the midrange power as well as the top end – its ability to pull longer gear is definitely appreciated. Not to mention that the new map switch is very accessible and easy to use – you can tell the changes as they are all noticeable. And when the power of the engine is matched with the AER fork, you won’t have to worry about the bumpy setting anymore. Odd enough, the fork is somehow more comfortable on the rougher line. Yes, they are responsive and yes, they are also comfortable to ride. It provides firm and solid platform and yet it is also soft and plush for the sake of the rider.


And don’t forget about the light chassis, especially good for straight courses. The frame has this nice absorption with solid feel. When it starts getting square, it doesn’t make it harsh or rigid but you can tell the difference, telling you to inspect it or replace it. Based on the KTM SXF series review, this line is one of the promising variant with a boost of power and comfortable handling.


About the 350 SX-F 2017

If you don’t feel like riding a bike with major power like the 450 but you are tired with the 250, then the 350 will be the perfect option. It is designed between the 250 and 450 for a reason and you can actually have a good experience riding one.


For this 350 line, KTM has been doing some improvements and updates as well. The AER WP 48 fork is included, as well as the softer rear spring and upper aluminum engine mounts. Top stiffer triple clamp, traction control, new handlebar clamps, and longer brake pedal up to 10mm are parts of the changes. The idea is to deliver the thin and slim overall feeling with a flatter seat. It will give the rider a sense of nimbleness, as well as allowing him to slide forward and then backward for turns and jumps. It’s nice to have a bike that can accommodate such a simple need, right?


And since KTM’s bikes are known for their premium quality and performance, they top it off with new material for the brake pad, delivering more progressive feel and overall improved condition. And for the motor, KTM has replaced the steel motor to the aluminum one to give lighter and yet stiffer feel. They are also doing some tweak on the chassis, In the overall sense, the KTM SXF series review for this line is quite positive and promising.


The fact that KTM is using the AER WP 48 fork is like an icing on the top of a cake – it completes the almost perfect condition and power. It has its own sense of comfort and suppleness, and it would be difficult to find such a thing from other products. Not to mention that traction control is also improved, handy for riders who are tired with throttle application when it is dry and dusty on the track.


All in all, these two variants from the SX-F lines have been proven to deliver promising quality and top notch performance. If you read the KTM SXF series review, you will see how powerful and positive they are.


KTM SXF Series Review: Some of the Powerful Variants
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