KTM Supermoto Specialized And Unique Construction


If you want to search around, you would know that there are some reliable brands and options of KTM Supermoto products. You can find the new ones as well as the used (and old ones) from the wide arrays of lists and options. However, you may be wondering from the start, why would you try Supermoto from the beginning? And how is it different from the other types of bikes?

Understanding Supermoto

Supermoto refers to a riding method and style combining both dirt and street elements. The bikes are pretty different from the others because it has nimble machines that are also light. The lightweight construction allows the bike to ride trails, jump, and tackle corners at lean and difficult angles. In fact, Supermoto is considered wilder than the street riding – which makes it perfect for those looking for challenges and wild experience.

KTM Supermoto
KTM Supermoto

If you have read the previous description about Supermoto, you would see that riding the bike isn’t for beginner riders. In fact, it is advisable that beginner riders don’t use this type of motorcycle because it may be too much or too dangerous for them. This kind of bike is perfect for veteran riders or advanced users who want to have a little challenge in their riding days.

You see, the problem with having the riding experience with only one or two types of rides can be challenging – in terms that it can get old after a while. When you have tried setting out to the wild or when you have tried different experience cruising down the road, everything can be boring after hitting a certain point. If you are into riding so much, you will understand this point. After a while, you may think about trying something else – something different and certainly more challenging.

If that’s the case, then trying the Supermoto would be your best shot – yes, the KTM Supermoto included. For some veterans and experienced riders, having a dirt bike with sticky sporty tires and 17 inches wheels may sound like a silly creation. Most riders are sure that such construction will fail in most terrains and settings. But it surprises everyone that such a construction is actually working super well on both worlds – the dirt and pavement. Not only this bike is able to perform very well on those terrains, the construction opens a new riding experience with a new challenging options. You may not know the sensation until you have tried it – but most people who have claimed that such a construction has its own benefits. It is inexpensive, it is super fun, it is unusual, and also it is flexible.

The Various Products and Types

Some of the world-class names and manufacturers are still producing the dirt and offroad bikes, but some of them have also started making the Supermoto variants. The variants aren’t as much as the offroad or dirt bikes, but there are some alternative variants that are sold on the market and be made available for the interested enthusiasts and fans.

KTM Supermoto
KTM Supermoto

The sports itself started in the 1980s before it stopped after a few years of being popular. But it seems that it is now back into the game and the Supermoto products are started being made. Although some manufacturers are offering their products, like KTM Supermoto, it seems that the most popular models are the ones being developed and modified by the riders themselves. It is a known fact that most riders would use their Enduro or dirt bike variants and modify them, so they can come up with powerful and handy Supermoto type.

The Supermoto Bike

As it was mentioned before, you can take a standard Enduro or dirt bike variant and then modify it with 17 inches of wheel on the front and back, so you can use the sports tires. If done properly, you can achieve a bike with light, narrow and hard accelerating abilities that can tackle extreme corners in such difficult (and also impossible) angles. However, such a bike can also deal with jumps and bumps because  of the special long travel suspension. In the end, you will end up with the hybrid bike variant that is quite unusual but with superb performance and ability.

Latest KTM News

It seems that KTM is going to have a new KTM Supermoto variant for the upcoming year. It is set at 690 KTM Supermoto 2019 with upgraded machine, able to produce 73 hp of power paired up with better handle and lightweight construction. The variant had once experience a setback after701 Supermoto from Husky was entering the market, but apparently, KTM is now ready with their 2019 model, which will be introduced along Adventure R 790 model.

If you are interested in the bike, you can also find the used products – there are some specialized markets for it. But it is safe to say that Supermoto bikes, including KTM Supermoto, are reliable, powerful, and trusted.


KTM Supermoto Specialized And Unique Construction
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