Jake Nicholls Signing up with Buildbase Honda after Leaving KTM


After a certain period being speculated of which team to choose to, Jake Nicholls finally revealed his pick: he is going to join Dave Thorpe’s Buildbase Honda. The 27 years old Brit champion mentioned his reason to join the team, finally switching from his former team, Hitachi KTM, to the red Buildbase Honda.


It is pretty interesting to see how everything turns out for this young rider, especially since he had decided to go pro. This is the first ever for Nicholls to sign up a contract with Honda. After deciding to retire from Grand Prix, he has been eager to try something else, but of course, he would like to pick only the best team with the best chance of winning easy.


The rider seemed to have picked Thorpe in his mental state in case his racing scheme had changed. But in the past, Nicholls had been busy focusing on Grand Prix series while Thorpe was busy doing other things as the national team. But everything had become clearer for the young rider as he decided to step back from the GP’s world. He was able to sort things out and the priority to join Thorpe’s team was getting stronger. It was a good thing that Thorpe felt the same so they hit it off right away.


During the Italian Grand Prix, Nicholls had to stop because of an injury, causing him to be off from the remaining of the season, leading to his decision to retire from GP altogether. But after the recovery, he misses the racing days, so he is excited for next year’s plan. The rider is pretty optimistic about the outcome for next year, especially since he feels like home in his new team. Within only two days, he is already given his own goggles, parts, two bikes, and tear-offs. After all, he and Thorpe have the same vision for the upcoming UK event, with 2018 Maxxis British championship awaits.

Jake Nicholls
Jake Nicholls

The same excitement is shown by Dave Thorpe. The team has won Maxxis within this year and they are planning on doing the same thing next year. For Thorpe, Nicholls would be the ideal rider to carry on the team’s mission. The former world 500cc champion claimed that the idea of having Nicholls in the team has been the most perfect scheme ever.


The confirmation about Nicholls and his signing the deal with Buildbase Honda seems to close all of the speculations within the last few weeks. But rumors were flying around after Nicholls had confirmed that he retired from GP series. And since then, speculations had been made about which team he would end up being with.


The rumor about Buildbase Honda existed because of Graeme Irwin said to leave the team. Irwin was said to join in next year’s World MXGP event so a top replacement was due. Naturally, it would be odd to see him with Honda, considering that he has been around with KTM for some time. Enthusiasts said that Nicholls would need some time to get used to the new (and probably unfamiliar) machine but considering Nicholls’ expertise and skill, he should be doing just fine.


And then there were other speculations from MVR-D Husqvarna and Apico Husqvarne. They would be interested in having a top skill rider like Nicholls. And there was also Hobbs Kawasaki, looking for the MX1 replacement rider after they lost Steven Lenoir in a tragic incident. It was possible for Kawasaki to look for a main top rider, followed by several others.


It was a good thing that Nicholls had finally sealed the deal with Buildbase Honda. And hopefully, they can maintain a long lasting work together.

Jake Nicholls Signing up with Buildbase Honda after Leaving KTM
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