How to Install FMF Racing Exhaust Systems: The Steps


Knowing how to install FMF racing exhaust system can be handy especially if you want to spend extra for hiring a service. When you do it yourself, you have the freedom to manage everything on your own but you need to be extra careful in doing everything.


Remove the Components

When you want to start with the proper methods of how to install FMF racing exhaust system, you need to remove some components that surround the exhaust system. How to do so?

  • You need to remove the seat
  • You need to remove both the side panels (which are located on the dual exhaust
  • Let loose the specialized middle pipe clamp
  • If it is possible, loose each mufflers’ clamps
  • Remove the bolt mounting on each of the muffler
  • Once you have done it, you should be able to slide the existing mufflers off. You should see a gasket holding it firmly on its place. It may take an extra effort for you to remove it.
  • By using the screwdriver, you need to remove the mud flap.
  • Don’t forget to remove the plastic material surrounding at the back end of the bike’s frame.


Remove the Old and Worn Exhaust System

So, how do you manage the steps?

  • You need to remove the existing hardware mounting the middle pipe to the bike’s frame.
  • Remove the overall tail and middle sections from the exhaust system. Sometimes, you need to wiggle it a bit so you can remove it.
  • You should be able to see two nuts located on the header pipe, which is on the front side of the cylinder head. Remove them entirely.
  • If you see the stock flange being bent, try to pry it so it will be loose.
  • Take away the head pipe. In the event that the stock gasket is still in a good condition, reuse it. Some people do it for saving money. But one handy tips on how to install FMF racing exhaust system is to use the new one. Always.


Install the New One

  • When you want to install the new head pipe, it should match perfectly with the stock components’ place. When it does, your job isn’t too hard.
  • The FMF pipe has a header spring. Place the springs onto the flange and make sure that it sticks on the place. Start early because it is easier this way than later.
  • Place the nuts on the studs. Do it loosely so the pipe won’t be firmly attached. In this way, you can make the adjustment easily. When you want to tighten them in the end, it is a good idea to do it alternately between the two in back and forth system
  • Place the head pipe to the springs
  • And then place the new middle pipe on its place. Since the FMF has no gasket, you only need to place it onto the right place and wiggle it a bit.
  • Make sure that you have aligned the middle pipe with the existing mounting holes. And then put the needed bolt into its place but don’t tighten it just yet.


The further steps would include:

  • Sliding the mufflers on the middle pipe
  • Have the stock bolts places on the brackets. If they are all installed, tighten the bolts.
  • Reinstall the surrounding components in the reversed system.

That’s it! You have learned how to install FMF racing exhaust system and it is time to put it to the test.

How to Install FMF Racing Exhaust Systems: The Steps
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