The Impressive Outcome of Titanium FMF 4.1 Exhaust on KTM 450 SX-F Bike


When we are talking about the exhaust system, we are talking about an element that can improve the horsepower and deliver better outcome. And it is getting difficult these days to produce horsepower with the aftermarket system.


The reason for such a thing is because manufacturers are getting smarter in the details when they are building the stock exhaust systems. Not to mention that they have done a good job in doing so from year to year. However, FMF has done a good job in making some tweaks and improved work from the titanium 4.1 full system used by KTM 450 SX-F 2017. The highlighted part is even getting a better outcome and result.


The process wasn’t easy because it involved a pretty complicated procedures and steps. Getting the being able to obtain the stock system from the 450 SX-F itself wasn’t easy. It should be done by dropping the linkage and then remove the shock so the long part of the stock head pipe could be free by wiggling its own way naturally. But after it, the process would be easier and smoother.


Once the stock head pipe was free, the process to install the FMF system could run quite easily and effortlessly. In the future, when the user wants to remove it, it can be done pretty easily without having to remove the shock and linkage. After all, the 4.1 system with its three piece structure doesn’t cause any fuss or hassle. In the end, anyone can always remove the system without breaking a sweat.


And how is the FMF performance, anyway? It turns that the system doesn’t only offer easy installation and removal; it does affect the overall throttle power and also the pulling power at the bottom end. Both of those aspects are increasing quite drastically, even in soft condition. When it is pulled, rolling in the throttle and coming from the corners are made easy.


Be prepared to deal with louder noise because this system will affect the sound too but it is worth it with the improved engine character as well as more responsive pull. The easy pull makes the bike feels lighter and easily controlled; thanks to the crisp and easy throttle response. Not only it affects the bottom end but it also improves the midrange power. It can be easily seen and felt through the third gear with its more powerful roll on down straight. This kind of output was impossible in Map 1 with the stock exhaust system, especially when dealing with tight and difficult corners. The FMF is able to make this Map 1 arrangement more responsive and more fun, with friendlier third gear running and faster rpm pickup.


The stock wasn’t affecting the over rev and top end power but the FMF doesn’t compromise both of them either. It is a good thing that the bike isn’t affected or hurt by the new arrangement and tweak.


Another thing that may affect the performance is the size of the tire. When using the 120 on the rear tire, it will make contact with the muffler inside area. But when using the 110 size, there are no marks shown or left behind. It is possible that rubbing marks will be more visible when the muffler is paired up with 18 inch tire on off-road setting. And this system is affected by the FMF as well.


FMF helps reducing weight on the bike quite significantly when compared to the stock system. Because of it, the engine hour can run between 10 hours to 14 hours before repacking. When it needs repacking, the sound will turn a bit rattled. When it does happen, rider should stop riding because the core inside will be broken from the abuse.


The FMF titanium 4.1-full system is definitely a life safer, a win-win alternative with faster, better, and more impressive outcome.

The Impressive Outcome of Titanium FMF 4.1 Exhaust on KTM 450 SX-F Bike
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