The Important Role of Baja Rally Medic Safety Team


With the hype and crowd of rally moto events, not many people would look into other elements of the show, expect for the riders and participants. One team has been often overlooked but they hold a crucial role in maintaining the safety, and even lives, of the riders. The rally moto medics are super crucial and yet they have never got the spotlight. And only a few people know the critical work of Baja Moto Rally Medics team.


Baja Rally is definitely an exciting event but with a vast landscape and remote tracks, things can be dangerous for riders.  Imagine a hurt rider on a desolate desert, not being able to move; let alone get help. And for this purpose, the safety team is set up. And don’t be mistaken, the team has been a true life safer that protects the participants. They can deliver emergency medical assistance and support, and they have amazingly fast response.


This safety/medic team, naturally, has to own special skills for themselves. The knowledge and expertise of medic is crucial; and most importantly, they should have the off-road skill too. Baja desert isn’t exactly the backyard setting with its smooth and sleek setting. It is harsh, rough, and most definitely bumpy. Only the special people with special skill can join the team. And those who have joined the team stated that they have been more than happy to help others despite the hard work they have to deal with.


Working as a part of Baja medic team isn’t easy. These guys won’t sit around. On the contrary, they would set out on the course the whole day, contacting one another if there is incident or accident while trying to tame the wilderness. They are like the riders but their main goal isn’t the finish line: to save riders in need.


The safety/medic team is divided into several sections, covering different areas. There are bike riders as well as truck supports. There is also the unit covering the air. The bike riders are six and they are communicating through radio signals. Because of the remote area, Baja Rally has the so-called Rally One, a radio team whose responsibility is to go to the highest mountain as the repeater. With Rally One, each team can communicate well, such as Team One to Team Two or Team Two to Team Three.


The on ground team is supported by the truck team, three units currently, responsible for support. The truck unit generally consists of nurses, EMTs, or firefighters. With the knowledge and skill they have, they can provide calm and direct assistance. And the Rally Air isn’t only responsible for providing air support. Just like the Rally One, they should repeat messages from one unit to another so communication will remain smooth and constant.


In racing events, everything is possible. And even with the professional bikers participating, it doesn’t mean that they will be immune to injury or incidents. The ground unit of bike riders consists of six people and they are divided into three units. These three units will set out to different directions, checking the premises and terrains. These units bring the common needed medication, such as IVs, bandages, dressings, and splints so they can provide immediate medical assistance.


When there is an emergency call, all units will move and act. The purpose is to reach the area as fast as possible. Once the ground unit (usually the bikers) reaches the ailing, they will check the condition and determine the safest extraction. Whether it is through ground or air, it depends on the severity of the case. The idea is to make sure that the injured is safely returned to the team, arriving at the finish line in one piece.

The Important Role of Baja Rally Medic Safety Team
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