The Importance of Pre Race Nutrition before Exercising or Events


Not many people know this but there is an importance of pre race nutrition that you should focus on, especially if you are facing a serious event or competition. You shouldn’t only focus on the skills or techniques of the event but you should also prepare yourself – physically and mentally.  One of the physical preparations is to focus on the nutrition so you can have a stronger and healthier physique, enabling you to deal with the event.


The Right Guidance

It is always a good idea to have a professional medical expert and care while you are on training. They may provide medical assistance and trackside medicine but it is always advisable to get true medical assistance if things get worse. These medical care and experts on the trackside are meant to provide quick but temporary relief or assistance. But if matters are getting serious and even severe, you need to rush to the hospital right away.


You may have heard some professional athletes being accompanied by the professional nutritionist or medical experts. They may be able to help you set up your own diet menu and plan but then again, each person is different from one another so having a deeper look into your own account is crucial. As long as you know about the importance of pre race nutrition and how to set it up for your own condition, you should be good to go.


Training and How the Body Works

Do you know that when you are training, your blood supply will be directed and shifted to the area where the muscles are being used? Yes, it is a fact. This is why the knowledge of knowing the importance of pre race nutrition is needed. Around 80% of the blood supply will be used for the trained muscles to boost its performance. It will be useful for the muscles being trained but it affects other bodily function.


When you are training for the dirt bike, the blood supply to the stomach will be redirected to other areas so your digestive system will be deprived of the needed blood. It will create sluggishness because of the undigested food as well as slowing down the digestive system in whole. When you are eating big before an important event, it may create uncomfortable sensation which may affect your performance. If you have to eat right before an event, consume lighter snacks than high calories meal. If you want to eat high calories big meals, eat around three or four hours before the event.


If you are performing moderate exercise, still… around 60% of the blood supply will be used for the targeted muscles. When you are about to train or face an event, consume small meal two hours before the event. If you want to, there are energy supplements that can be consumed before and after the training or the event. These supplements are easily digested and they do provide you with the necessary energy.


In the end, be wise about what you consume because it can affect your performance and health. Trying something new? Not a good idea. It is a good idea to stick to familiar foods that are low in fat and high in carbs. The facts about the importance of pre race nutrition can help you to boost your performance indirectly.

The Importance of Pre Race Nutrition before Exercising or Events
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