How to Ride Faster in the Woods: Some Handy Tips


So, you are in a competition and you want to know how to ride faster in the woods – as well as also safer. Well, the big problem with riding in the woods is the unpredictable nature. Unless you have come to the track and you have memorized everything in details, you can’t really be sure about the difficult terrain. But not to worry because there are some handy tips and tricks that will help you with smooth riding. As long as you keep your cool and you move ahead, you should be able to achieve some of the greatest outcome.


The Basic Things

Here are some of the basic things about how to ride faster in the woods that you should know without having to compromise your safety.

  • Manage the speed. Yes, you want to go faster but it doesn’t mean that you should do it carelessly. You want to check the surrounding nature as you increase the speed. In this stage, you need to combine your logic and your intuition. Use your head instead of your heart. Keeping the throttle high is easy but being able to choose wisely of when to speed up or slow down isn’t easy at all. You should be watchful of your surrounding and keep it all together.
  • Keep the eyes up. When we are tired, we tend to look down, which will bring another problem when you are on the offroad or motocross events. No matter what happens, you need to keep the eyes up. It may not easy and it takes practice. But you need to overcome the fear and move forward, and you should always look up.
  • Make use of the momentum. It is still related to the previous tips about keeping your eyes up. When you deal with limited traction, you want to make use any possible momentum or whatsoever.
  • Be confident. There is no place for those who are always hesitate or doubtful in this industry. You need to be confident and believe in yourself. Once you lose that confidence, you may lose the momentum or any other opportunity presented to you through the track.


Other Suggestions

Don’t forget that body position is one of the most important elements in nailing this field successfully. You aren’t just sitting or standing – you are trying to tackle the obstacles with natural movement of the body. And if you want to know how to ride faster in the woods, the body position holds an important role.

  • Don’t sit or stand straight. You want to place the head over your handlebars with a crouching pose. It gives you better aerodynamic and ability to maneuver
  • You need to use the knees for control – grip the gas tank for better access
  • The arms should be up and the elbows are out, moving away from your body. It gives you the flexibility to handle the bike


Here are just some of the tips to help you move faster, even in the difficult terrains like the woods. You need to practice these tips so you know the basic of how to ride faster in the woods and it can be beneficial for you.

How to Ride Faster in the Woods: Some Handy Tips
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