How to Refurbish Bike Boots: Saving Your Money for Other Stuff


Do you know how to refurbish bike boots? In the dirt bike world, the bike boots are one of the most crucial protective gears that all riders should have. The cool thing about the boots is the fact that you can wear it onroad as well as offroad; they even make a cool offroad accessories if you have the right boots. However, the boots are often busted because of the heavy use and beat. But instead of throwing them away, why don’t you refurbish them?


Taking a Look at the Boots

Your boots will be the main protector of your legs so compromising your safety (and the bones on the legs) would be pretty stupid. You would need a good pair of bike boots and they are pretty costly – considering that you pick the high quality ones. But if you take a closer look to your worn boots, you can see whether you need to buy a new pair or you can refurbish them. Often times, you don’t have to buy the new ones because you can still use the old pair. But how to refurbish bike boots, anyway?

how to refurbish bike boots
how to refurbish bike boots

The best way for you is to consult the manufacturer of your boots. Some brands provide a repair and replace service. If the overall condition of the shoes is still intact and good, but the sole is busted, they can provide a replacement service. It will cost you but it is definitely cheaper than buying the new pair of shoes. In the overall service, it takes about 5 days for the repair but it doesn’t include the shipping days.


Not all brands provide such a replacement and repair service but you can always consult the local cobbler. Again, if the condition of the shoes is still good, the local cobbler won’t mind doing the work. The cost is generally the same as the replacement done by the brands. But keep in mind that the work done by the local cobblers is likely using different materials, not using the official part of the brand. But for some people, they don’t really mind with the different materials because the materials tend to have better and stronger grip than the official replacement parts.


Proper Maintenance and Care

Besides knowing how to refurbish bike boots properly, you need to know how to care for your boots. If you have used the boots and they are filled with stains from the dirt and the soil, you need to clean it. Because the bike boots have the combination of leather and plastic, you can use the right grease as well as the scrub brush to remove the stain. If you especially have white boots and your boots start developing yellowish tint, use the cleaner products with a little bleach. No need to use generous amount of the product. Use a little with your scrub brush and you should be able to clean the stain efficiently.


It takes a careful and smart inspection of your boots so you can still use them while improving its performance and appearance. Knowing how to refurbish bike boots can be a good idea to save up money while maintaining the protective aspect of the boots.

How to Refurbish Bike Boots: Saving Your Money for Other Stuff
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