What Happened during Ironman GNCC 2017


The Ironman Grand National Cross Country 2017 Series had several interesting events. The race itself had been divided in many sections and categories, and the event has been one of the historical events in the history. Records have shown and written many historical events and achievements, down to every season, and this year won’t be any difference at all.


Kailub Russell had been determined so hard to break the all-time record held by Scott Summers. Summers have been winning the GNCC series and Russell wanted badly to break it. The event didn’t turn out great for him – as well as other riders – because the weather hadn’t been cooperative enough. It was wet and cold up to the racing day but the 2,400 riders were determined to stick to the event till the end. It was a good thing that the event still went on although the wind was blowing hard. With colorful fall foliage as the background, the event was somehow beautiful as well as memorable.


Of course, not all riders had undergone a good or smooth day. Some might have started smoothly but had an unfortunate turn in the end. Ricky Russell had a good start but had to give it up to Kailub as Kailub made a successful pass. After being the successful rider on the XC1 event, Ricky was able to lead the first spot. He and Kailub were going on a battle to claim the first spot, taking place on the 13 mile course. But then Kailub passed him, leading the way. But he then made a mistake so Ricky was able to take the first spot again.


It was like a personal battle between the two but they must not have forgotten Thad Duvall, who was charging and following them right at their tail. Duvall himself was hyped and energized after being absent within several rounds due to his injury. And he seemed to prove a point that he still had the skill, so the battle for the first, second, and third position was quite tight.


But in the end, it was Kailub who claimed the throne, followed by Duvall and then Ricky completing the big three winning. It proved that determination can beat everything, as shown in Kailub’s winning. He managed to best winning list, beating the legendary record of Scott Summer. As for Duvall, the event has proven that he might not be able to deliver 100% effort but he had the determination (and the guts) to take everything. He was hungry for the title and he was ready for being all out for the event.


In XC2, things didn’t go easy either with the ongoing competition. Pascal Rauchenecker made an impressive achievement by being the best in the class. This is his debut in GNCC and being able to win the class is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. He was even able to beat some of the talented riders, including Craig Delong and Josh Toth. Toth was able to finish second, followed by Delong on the third. It should be interesting to stay tune in this class, monitoring which one will move up and which one will be removed from the top list.


Some of the exciting things also happen on the two strokes FMF XC3 125cc class. Some of the riders might be new but there were also some seniors. Jack Edmonson was able to reach the first spot, followed by Chris Venditti on the second and Hunter Neuwirth on the third.

As the final round of GNCC – as well as the 13th round respectively – the race was quite interesting and exhilarating. It would be interesting to see what will happen in 2018.

What Happened during Ironman GNCC 2017
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