Gas Oil Mix Chart Information And Calculator


Having, saving, or keeping the gas oil mix chart will be super handy when you always have to deal with the mixing process. The machine needs the pre mixed fuel to keep it running, but the problem isn’t about the fuel or the engine – but it is about the correct measurement of the mixture. After all, we are talking about mixing different types of flammable items here. If you are careless, you may endanger yourself and others.

The Things about Fuel Mixing

You see, the gas should be combined with the oil. Otherwise, you may burn the engine. In case you don’t include enough oil, the engine may be damaged. Why would you need to mix the fuel, anyway? The oil will lubricate the internal parts, especially the crankcase pistons, bearings, rings, and such thing alike. It will prevent any outboard seizing. However, if you have too much oil, you may foul the plugs. Quite a complicated situation, right? That’s why having the gas oil mix chart will definitely help because you know for sure about the right mixture for the engine.

Gas Oil Mix Chart Information
Gas Oil Mix Chart Information

If you browse around the net, or if you consult the search engine, you may see different types of gas oil mix chart. It isn’t wrong – it is a chart that comes with standard measurement and the chart that is made based on the manufacturers’ measurement. Some fuel and oil manufacturers have different consistency and thickness in their products, resulting in them making different kinds of charts to promote accurate calculation and measurement. That’s why you should check for each manufacturer’s label or manual about the chart. Of course, it would be wise to stick to the regular and standard measurement but it doesn’t hurt to try other products, as long as they provide the information.

Information about the Chart

Be sure that you will need the ratio of 50:1 or 70:1 or even 100:1. You want to make sure that the amount of both oil and the gas is correct. Don’t forget that too much oil will lead to your spark plug being blackened fast which result in (generally) smoky condition.

Here is the example of oil fuel mix when you use the 50:1 ratio and 100:1 one – both are in ml.

  • If the fuel amount is 5 liters, it takes 100 ml for 50:1 ratio and 50 ml for 100:1 ratio
  • If the amount is 10 liters, it takes 200 ml for 50:1 ratio and 100 ml for 100:1 ratio
  • If the amount is 15 liters, it takes 300 ml for 50:1 ratio and 150 ml for 100:1 ratio
  • If the amount is 20 liters, it takes 400 ml for 50:1 ratio and 200 ml for 100:1 ratio
  • If the amount is 25 liters, it takes 500 ml for 50:1 ratio and 250 ml for 100:1 ratio
  • If the amount is 30 liters, it takes 600 ml for 50:1 ratio and 300 ml for 100:1 ratio

The Calculator

Do you know that there is also the so-called gas oil mix calculator? The calculator runs online so you can activate the calculation directly and automatically. You only need to fill in the information and you can process the outcome. Each type has its own function and use. The chart is the written and fixed information while the calculator is the flexible type that will help during uncommon condition.

In the end, you are basically given a lot of options and choices when it comes to get the right information about the right mixture. It is up to you, as the wise user, to make use of any provided info, including about gas oil mix chart.


Gas Oil Mix Chart Information And Calculator
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