The Final Round up for Gobbler Getter Race


The 9th event of National Gobbler Getter Enduro, as well as the final round of Natonal Enduro AMA series, has witnessed the great efforts of Steward Baylor to win the first spot. Located in Stanton, Alabama, the event has witnessed the great battle between Baylor and his main opponent, Thad DuVall.


Because of this winning, Baylor managed to win his second title in National Enduro events. But it didn’t mean that Baylor got an easy winning because the battle between Baylor and DuVall was harsh and tight.


For DuVall, the rockstar rider from Energy Husqvarna team, finishing two points behind Baylor wasn’t bad. The event itself started out as the race where winner takes it all. But the opening of the race was set by the fastest time, and for this matter, Baylor earned the first place because he had managed to record the fastest time, leading 11 seconds before DuVall within the first test.


For Baylor himself, the result turned out to be surprisingly well and positive. Baylor had experienced less than five times winning within the opening test. For him, being able to win in the first test was a big deal, setting out the tone of the race for his success.  

On the second test, DuVall managed to corner Baylor although it is Russell Bobbitt, the representative from KTM FMF team, who scored the fastest time, around 6 seconds faster than DuVall. But Baylor didn’t give up hope by winning the third and fourth tests. Because of that, he managed to build a gap, 30 seconds, ahead of DuVall, so he could relax on the last two tests.


However, Baylor made a mistake on the fifth test, setting him back. With a closer gap, DuVall was hyped about being able to defeat Baylor. In the end, Baylor managed to set a 12-seconds gap that separated them with the final scoring. It was a relief and also a thrilling day for the rider.


For DuVall, the competition was hard, packed with adrenaline rush. But he was quite glad with the result, considering that he hadn’t really enjoyed the Enduro events at the beginning. It was a good thing that he got used to everything and he has been able to enjoy it. Although winning second wasn’t something he was happy about, it wasn’t bad considering that he had to deal with bad injury. At least he had done his best, including riding the best he could.


Completing the round and the podium spot, Evan Smith from KTM has improved along the way. Considering that this young Georgia rider came finishing on the 15th spot during the opener race in South Carolina, his third-place winning at Gobble Getter, Alabama, was definitely something to be proud of.


On the fourth place, there was Russell Bobbit with a solid performance, defeating Cory Buttrick by six-tenths within a split second. As it was mentioned before, Bobbit’s performance was quite okay and not bad at all.


With Cory Buttrick on the fifth spot, the sixth place belonged to Jesse Groemm from Solid Performance team.  He was followed by Ben Kelley from KTM Trail Jesters on the seventh spot, which was quite rare. Zack Hayes from Moose Racing came in the eighth while Ron Commo II from SRT GasGas team finished ninth. Closing off the top 10 was Thorn Devlin, the AA Winner from Rekluse Expert.


On the Women’s Elite class, Tayla Jones from Husqvarna KR4 Arrive n Ride reached her seventh winning defeating KTM’s rider, Jessica Delee. The time record was impressive, with 7 minutes time gap. To round up the top three, Allie Spurgeon from Yamaha finished third.

The Final Round up for Gobbler Getter Race
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