Expectations for the Upcoming Boise Sixth Round EnduroCross


EnduroCross fans would gather up this November the 4th at Boise for the sixth round of EnduroCross 2017 Series. Taken place in Ford Idaho Center, in Nampa, the event won’t only show the racing event but also introduce some of the popular names in the performance products industry. Nampa is not far from Boise and it makes it ideal for the place to hold the event in this man-made tracks.


Besides some of the popular names in the industry, including riders and teams, expect to see Rekluse Clutch and also Pro Moto Billet. These are the local brands being the top notch suppliers for the performance items, used by the EnduroCross riders.


This Ford Idaho Center itself is quite unique. With a man-made setting, riders would meet the challenging obstacles of tractor tires, logs, rocks, and even ponds. The idea is to create as exciting and also challenging setting that is quite similar to the real offroad tracks.  What better way to spend the weekends if not watching this fast paced adrenaline rush, especially with the loved ones?


Naturally, the top riders would be coming. Cody Webb, for a starter, will definitely be there. Being the two time winner for EnduroCross, and looking for his third, a lot of riders will definitely on their way to stop him. This young rider from KTM FMF Factory has been everyone’s favorite but everything can happen along the way.


One of Webb’s main contenders, Colton Haaker, has unfortunately suffered from injuries. This defending EnduroCros champion may not be able to compete this season but it doesn’t mean that Webb’s opponents are less in numbers.


Trystan Hart, for one, has an improved performance and skill. The 20-year-old Canadian rider has got to the podium three times within five events, so Webb should be worried. And as if Hart’s presence and achievement isn’t enough, there is Kyle Redmond who wants to achieve the same winning.


Tailing close by is Ty Tremaine, the 21-year-old rider. Tremaine has become Junior EnduroCross champion for three times and he is looking for an opportunity to win this year’s event. So far, Tremaine has sat on the third position and he accepts the challenge to beat Webb’s domination over the race.


Noah Kepple is another rider from GasGas, and this 21-year-old rider has shown an impressive skill so far. And there is also Cooper Abbott who has the heaviest responsibility to show skills and achievement, bringing along the grand name of Destry Abbott – one of the legends in offroad racing world. But Cooper doesn’t have to worry about a thing because he really has the talents and the skills. In fact, he manages to put himself among the EnduroCross stars, and it is an impressive achievement on its own.


In this sixth round, there will be different classes, designed for TrialCross, Women, Vet, and Amateur. It is a sure thing that there will be a long of actions happening. Not to mention that the pro class has its own specifications and challenges.


In Boise EnduroCross, there won’t be only racing events but also DA8 Training sessions with Destry Abbott. In this two hour training period, young talents will learn about facing the obstacles, as well as getting the tips and tricks. The idea is to provide a way for the younger generation (not necessarily the participants) to be familiar with the offroad course as well as knowing the right way to tackle it.


Naturally, such a training session isn’t free. By paying $100 fee, everyone can join. But it is only available for 20 people so it is pretty limited. Anyone wanting to get functional tips from one of the offroad legends should sign up right away.

Expectations for the Upcoming Boise Sixth Round EnduroCross
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