Excitement on Kenda/SRT AMA Hare & Hound National Championship Series


The eighth round of this series has just ended. Based on the source, this championship is planned to take at specific track close to Lucerne Valley, California. Since the championship series is held on the weekend, most participants are excited about it. Jacob Argubright Team, one of the contestant teams, said that they want to achieve the Best in the Desert title in solo performance.

In addition, according to Jacob Argubright, the race went better than he expected before. He thought that it would be exhausting to race at the same weekend on two different states. He did feel exhausted after the first race series. However, that did not stop him from joining the race. In fact, he felt enjoying the race despite his exhaustion from the previous race.

Achieving their goal to get the title is not easy. It requires intensive concentration to accelerate in uneven desert terrain. The result of Argubright’s victory in solo race is less than an hour. He was practically in front of Wyatt Brittner from Open Pro Team 15 minutes away.

During the post-race interview, Argubright states that during the race he felt completely fresh. Before the race began, he visited casino, his mechanic, and café. He took ibuprofen to keep his body in prime condition on the race.

Furthermore, he also said that their early race is not as good as he thought it would be. The racetrack on the valley is dusty. It made him difficult to navigate on the terrain. The bushes and terrain of the track did not make it better. That being said, he managed to pass other participants. In the mid race, he was on the second place. When the race was getting close to the finish line, he managed to achieve the victory.

This championship series is rumored as the last participation of Argubright. He said that he would be off for a while. It is rather unfortunate since other great racing events will be held shortly. So far, he has achieved two different titles in a year. Previously, Kurt Caselli achieved this accomplishment in 2011. Getting the same achievement as Caselli is actually his dream. He wanted to be in the podium after the race is completed.

Apparently, the same rough start also happened to Robert from FMF KTM Factory Team. During the race, he made a stop to check on Argubright condition. Unfortunately, it delayed him on the last round. He ended up in the second place.

Both Nick Burnson and Axel Pearson from Sutherlin’s Purvines DA8 Team are on the third and fourth place. Unfortunately, the race did not go smoothly for other participants. They are not able to survive the poor start on the early race.

Meanwhile, Tyler Lynn from Chidster Transport YZ250 Team got the first place on FMF Pro 250. This should not be surprising considering he already won three times consecutively. The second place belongs to Joe Watson from Beta Team. He survived the injury on his hand after the second round is completed.

Apparently it is difficult to defend the title on the race. At least, that is what happened to Brabec. Brabec survived the difficulty on early race. Unfortunately, the radiator damage stopped Brabec to defend the title.

In fact, the eighth round becomes interesting since it is the finale of Youth H&H Championship Series. Well, the first place of this series goes to Erek Kudla. On the post-race interview, Kudla mention that every participant got poor early race, including Kudla herself. However, the survivor of this bad start went to the podium after the race is over.

Excitement on Kenda/SRT AMA Hare & Hound National Championship Series
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