Effective Dirt Bike Security Tips And Guide


There are some dirt bike security tips that you can do (and obviously implement) when you have your own motorcycle. It is unfortunate that most people would underestimate paying attention to their bike, most likely because they think that the bike is less valuable than the car. You should realize that the bike is pretty costly too. It may not be as pricy as the car but you still have to make the extra expenses when you have one. That’s why it would be a good idea if you can have an extra preparation to deal with the security.

First Thing First

It would be handy if you can insure your bike. Yes, it would be a very wise move from your part. After all, you need to realize that a bike has a riskier operation when compared to the car so you actually need the bike insurance more than the car – although there shouldn’t be any concern about priority when it comes to your safety.

Bike Security chain system within the garage
Bike Security chain system within the garage

Moreover, it would be a good idea to not only place your bike inside the garage, but also lock it. Your garage should be secured and locked – such thing will also affect your insurance rate, you know? If you can have the extra security features, such as surveillance camera or alarms, you can even have a reduction in your bike insurance – just saying. After all, if you think that your open shed would be safer than a closed and locked garage, then you need to work on your logic.

Here is another way to look into your security perimeter, incorporating these dirt bike security tips. When you have a lock and chain system within the garage, put yourself in the thief’s shoe. What would you do when you want to steal a bike? Doing something useless like having a chain to the wooden post won’t exactly help.

Further Precautions

dirt Bike engine numbers
dirt Bike engine numbers

Other things that you can actually do in your attempts of performing the dirt bike security tips are:

  • It would help if you can jot down the chassis or engine numbers. Keep it somewhere safe along with the bike’s important paper and documents.
  • When you choose the lock and chain, be sure to buy the approved and, preferably, premium quality items. Having a ground anchor won’t be too much either – you can never tell who you are going to deal with.
  • You probably think that showing off your bike in front of the house where it is accessible for everyone to see is a cool thing. Yes, some people may think it cool, including the thief.
  • When you have to go somewhere with the bike, make sure that the parking lot is also secured. It should have at least the security guard that checks up on every rider passing by. If you are going to a dirt bike gathering, make sure to park it somewhere you can monitor and watch all of the time. Don’t keep it somewhere shady or hidden because you won’t be able to monitor it. Even the determined thief won’t be discouraged from stealing in the broad daylight.

Final Words

Basically, the way to secure your bike is pretty simple and basic. You only need to use your logic. It doesn’t matter whatever types of bike you have – is it the regular sports bike, a Harley, a motocross, or a dirt bike. These vehicles need extra protection, security, and care, and the only way for you to provide the best safety is to plan carefully and thoroughly. It wouldn’t hurt if you can take extra efforts. These dirt bike security tips only act as the basic guidance – feel free to add or reduce those tips.


Effective Dirt Bike Security Tips And Guide
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