Dirt Rider How To Tips for The Beginners


Dirt rider is the person riding the dirt bike – as simple as that. However, not everyone is born with the talent to ride the bike, especially the machine with such a power. It takes some time to master and control of the bike, and it would be helpful if you have some help concerning the learning way. So, what should you know about the system, anyway?

On the Adventurous Road

Dirt Rider Adventurous Road
Dirt Rider Adventurous Road

Dirt riding is more about rough terrain – and how you can tame such a raw power. A lot of people like the outdoor environment and how it brings them closer to nature. Of course, this isn’t about natural field trip – you are out there to control the beast, and there are some handy ways to do so. You probably don’t have the extra money to go to courses or classes, and you definitely won’t afford a professional instructor. That’s fine. A lot of professional dirt rider started on their own. Some people prefer learning by themselves to turning to professional assistance. In the end, it is about your own ability, skill, and determination.

Starting off

When you see professional dirt rider in action, you probably think that it is easy doing everything. Well, they make it look easy but believe me, starting off is far from that. You need to get used to the power. Don’t be too surprised if you are sore all over because your muscles will have to work extra hard to control the machine – along the power within.

professional dirt rider
professional dirt rider

There are some handy tips and tricks that can help with your beginner stage.

  • Pay attention to body position. Don’t underestimate this aspect because it will determine your own safety. You want to know the correct position to place your feet, fingers, arms, or how you should grip the knees. You should know that dirt riding is about combining the right position at the right time. Sometimes you have to stand but you should also sit too. Know how to incorporate the attack position properly – that is, the crouching stance when your head is placed over the bike’s handlebars and your elbows are out. This position enables you to make use of the knee better, to lean forward for better control, and to find the most comfortable position.
  • Use brake and clutch. When you are downshifting, no need to use the clutch. Simply use the brake. Worried about the brake pads thinning out? Well, that’s the point! If you worry so much about it, you shouldn’t try dirt riding at all. You may also want to learn controlling the brake. Learn the difference of grab and drag the brake, which may prevent bouncy suspension.
  • Use the feet. It may feel odd at first but that’s how you do it in the dirt bike industry. Tackling the corner without the feet will be impossible. Some people may experience pain when they force their knee too hard on the first time. But as you practice more, it will be automatic. Using the feet helps balancing the weight distribution.

There are also other things to consider. Early dirt rider should learn to control clutch and throttle control. If this is new to you, do it slowly and gently. Don’t try to show off; it will get you nowhere. Moreover, it may sound like a cliché mantra but practice will make everything perfect. There is no better way to hone your skills besides practice.

Moreover, get better grip on balance. Everyone has their own point in balancing themselves; find it for yourself. Learn about using your vision to assess the situation and your surroundings. Don’t fixate too much on a certain thing – this is a tip that dirt rider knows.

Dirt Rider How To Tips for The Beginners
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