Dirt Bikes Riding Tips and Techniques: Knowing the Right Way to Control the Bike


Knowing dirt bikes riding tips and techniques can help to make yourself get used to the new wheel. You are probably buying the dirt bikes for the sake of fun and enjoyment only but some people do buy the bike for serious sports. Whatever reason you have, knowing the right ways to drive the wheel and control yourself is important. Moreover, if you are going to ride the bike in high speed, it is always crucial to know the right way to manage your pose.


Starting off

The first thing that you need to know about dirt bikes riding tips and techniques is to know the example.  Watch the professionals when they are riding the wheels. Take a mental note of how they put yourself in the pose, including when they deal with bumps, jumps, corners, and turns. Knowing the poses and how to handle the bike is super important because you will unconsciously try to imitate it the best way as you can.

Dirt Bikes Riding Tips and Techniques
Dirt Bikes Riding Tips and Techniques


Paying Attention to Body Position

Would you believe that controlling the dirt bike is more than just sitting or standing? You need to know how to position your feet correctly or how you should grip the knees. Don’t forget that you will likely spend your time on the bike standing because sitting won’t be effective in tackling obstacles. Here are some handy bikes riding tips and techniques for the body position:

  • Don’t lean back or straight. The position of the head should be over the handlebar, in a close proximity. You should be crouching for balance.
  • You should use the knees for better control by gripping on the gas tank
  • Find the best position for the foot on the pegs. The most common location is on the center of the feet but people have their own preference that goes to their comfort level
  • Your elbows should be out. They should be away from the body, and so are the arms. Lean forward in a crouching stance. If you are familiar with the attack position of a lion, that’s how your position should be


A Better Control

When you are trying to downshift, use the brake and don’t depend solely on the clutch. Remember, a motorcycle is a motorcycle – it is a not a car. Yes, you will be using the brake pads quite a lot but that’s the point of having the brake, right? If not for stopping and downshifting, then what should it be used for? The point is, you need to use the parts correctly, especially the brake.


Moreover, you will start using your feet to help you tackle corners more efficiently. Using the feet isn’t easy but you will master the skill. In fact, over time, you will automatically drop your feet and use them whenever you have to handle corners. It will also help you to develop keen observation. Using your feet when it is muddy or dirty is a bad idea. Using it in the middle of a crowd is also a bad idea.


In the end, you will have to practice and get used to everything. Once you do it, you can master the bikes riding tips and techniques easily.

Dirt Bikes Riding Tips and Techniques: Knowing the Right Way to Control the Bike
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