Dirt Bike Two Stroke and Four Stroke Facts for Everyone, Not Only Beginners


Motorbike enthusiasts seem to have an-going debate about one topic: which is better between the two stroke and four stroke performance. You need to remember, though, that this debate isn’t about right or wrong but more about personal preferences and choices. Some people are more comfortable with the two strokes while some with the four strokes. Some even like both the two and four strokes engine. The important thing is that you know the basic facts about the engines and then choose the one you find more suitable with your driving style. After all, each one has their own strength and downsides.

If you are new to the dirt bike industry, knowing the basic and general information can help. At least, you know what kind of performance you can expect from each engine, and how you can add up your knowledge.

The Two Stroke Type

Dirt Bike Two Stroke
Dirt Bike Two Stroke

In the two stroke arrangement, the main function of the engine is for combustion and also compression. This is how the engine works: When the engine fires, it will activate the spark plug for the crankshaft. Because of his, the bike becomes lighter in weight. However, whereas this kind of engine is simpler, the maintenance itself is higher and more sophisticated. But then again, the parts are cheaper than the four stroke engine parts.

What about the bikes with this type of engine? Since the engine itself is pretty lightweight, the bike will be lightweight too. It affects the speed, creating a faster bike with intense kick. However, the speed makes this bike more difficult to control and ride. Not to mention that the bike requires more often shifting although the top speed can be achieved faster with greater power.

The Four Stroke Type

Unlike the two stroke engine, the four stroke type is more complicated. The main differences of two stroke and four stroke are the complexity and the functions. Whereas the two stroke engine focuses on compression and combustion, the four stroke type focuses on combustion, compression, exhaust, and intake. But as the result, the power delivery is somewhat more predictable and steadier. Not to mention that you can also expect smoother power, creating a simpler and easier riding experience for beginners.

Four Stroke Type
Four Stroke Type

People who have ridden the four stroke bikes claim that it takes less attempts to control or ride the bike. No need to worry about shifting, clutching, or braking because there are there are different moving parts on the engine. Because of the many parts, maintenance doesn’t have to happen more frequently. Not to mention that most riders claim that maneuvering and controlling are easier with the four stroke engine. However, the bike would be heavier because there are more moving parts inside it. Maintenance can be costly, as well as repair, because you will be dealing with more parts. But then again, whereas the two stroke engine offers higher power on top peak, the four stroke engine is better in down low power.

The Main Differences

It’s obvious that two stroke and four stroke are completely different, but knowing some general facts can help. For instance, that the two stroke cc is higher than the four stroke. Let’s say that you have a two stroke bike with 125cc. It is equal to a four stroke bike with 250cc. Naturally, the higher the cc, the more expensive it will be. This is one of the reasons why the 125cc bike is less expensive than the 250cc one – although they may share similar power and performance.

Again, there is no right or wrong about this. It depends on you and your personal preference about how to choose the right type. At least you know the features of two stroke and four stroke to make a wiser decision.


Dirt Bike Two Stroke and Four Stroke Facts for Everyone, Not Only Beginners
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