Dirt Bike Tire Pressure Guidelines Info and Insight


Knowing the right dirt bike tire pressure guidelines can help you find out about the right pressure and how you want to treat your bike with care. There are different PSI ranges and they are also coming with the right tire types. Naturally choosing the right tire should help you prevent risks and dangers.

Dirt Bike Tire Pressure
Dirt Bike Tire Pressure

5 PSI to 6 PSI

This kind of pressure would only be perfect for trial offroad tires. The trial tire generally has radial casing look with interlinear within the casing. According to dirt bike tire pressure guidelines, the low pressure helps achieve stability to create (and also maximize) the footprint, molding the tire onto the surface. You may want to be extra careful when crossing this type of tire for the regular offroad activity.

8 PSI to 10 PSI

It would be advisable to choose the 3mm to 4mm thickness inner tubes with ultra heavy type. Even with this kind of preparation, there is always a possibility of pinch flats from square edge hits and debris although the thicker tubes DO provide added protection. It is also advisable to choose tires with extra carcass plies or construction strength – you want to find ones with all terrain (A/T) Rally or Desert markings. This kind of pressure is generally suitable only for Super Enduro or Enduro Extreme application.

12 PSI to 15 PSI

This is generally the ideal pressure for offroad and motocross setting. Within this range, riders will find their own sweet spots, related to preferred comfort level, a balance of traction (reward) and failure (risk), and such thing alike. This kind of tire is generally applied for mid soft application where the tire would dig the soil and provide firmer grip. Of course, there is a certain arrangement for this. If it is for the mid hard application, 15 PSI will be needed for the greater grip. When it is crossed with mid hard application, choosing the 12 PSI will be considered even more ideal because it will provide the extra flexibility to follow the ground and clean the blocks.

15 PSI to 16 PSI

For Endure application with DOT and FIM approved tires, this would be the perfect pressure. According to dirt bike tire pressure guidelines, the knobby tire pattern will help perform better with the right pressure. In some cases, adding the PSI may be advised for different hazards and terrains.

18 PSI to 20 PSI

This is the standard pressure for 80/20 style ride and 50/50 dual sporty bikes. Keep in mind that such setting is set for the specific machine type. It is highly advisable that you refer to the suggested rating provided by the manufacturers. Don’t try to be creative in this time.

30+ PSI

When you have dual sporty rides, Enduro bikes, or adventure bikes that usually loads off tons of baggage, you want your tires to be have 30+ PSI. This kind of pressure is perfect for gravel trails or fire roads. Of course, it depends on the types of tire you choose. You seriously want to consult the provided guidance from the manufacturer, whether it is for TL or TT – by the way, TT is for Tube Type while TL is for Tubeless. It is super important that you don’t choose the tires with low pressure when you have the sportier bikes, and when you are off on the adventurous journey. If the pressure is too low, your tire will be short-lived and it may lead to damages.

In the end, there are different types of tires from different manufacturers. It would be a good idea to follow the provided dirt bike tire pressure guidelines that most manufacturers provide so you won’t make mistakes.


Dirt Bike Tire Pressure Guidelines Info and Insight
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