Dirt Bike Terms That You Should Be Familiar With


You probably have the passion in the dirt bike industry, but do you know some of the dirt bike terms? You probably think that those terms aren’t important or crucial. But understanding them can help when you are watching the race or you are preparing for your moments. It doesn’t hurt to know and understand some of the terms –just to get yourself used to it.

The General Situation

Block pass
Block pass

Every sport has its own language – you have to admit that. And each of them can be different between one another. The same thing also happens to the dirt bike world, where its language can be quite unique and specific. So, what are the dirt bike terms that you should get yourself familiar with?

  • Block pass. When a rider passes the other one at a corner, resulting in the other rider losing momentum or slowing down. Contact is possible because there is an intention to make the rider fall over or fumble. This is a technique to pass the rider considered difficult to get around or those with the speed almost matching yours. Depending on personal preference and preference, there is an ongoing debate whether this technique is considered fair or not. Some riders may feel honored when they are blocked pass, because it means that they are difficult to pass and the only way to do so is to do this trick.
  • Brake check. It is still related to the block pass. When you are in the front and it is taking place on the corner, you can do this to foul the rider behind you by messing their momentum. For some people, the brake check is the reverse method to the block pass – depending on your strategy and your position.
  • Clapped out. The term is used to refer to a bike that may not be in its good condition. The bike may be old and not properly maintained. If the bike has the combination of bad look and also bad sound, the bike is totally clapped out.
  • DNF or Did Not Finish. If the rider fails to finish, this sign will be posted next to their name – right there on the (one and only) result sheet. This is every rider’s nightmare. In most cases, such a sign applies to injured riders or those with bike problems.

Other Terms


No need to worry – there are still tons of dirt bike terms that you should understand, such as:

  • Holeshot. This generally happens once the race starts. The gate drops and then all riders take off. Any rider that is able to get to the first area corner will get the holeshot.
  • Lapper. The term refers to the rider whose position is on the contrary to the leader. It happens when a rider falls down and has a hard time going back up to the race.
  • LCQ of Last Chance Qualifier. This is a stage included in the racing program, providing opportunity for those with not-so-good qualification the last opportunity to qualify – at least for the main event. This generally happens when there are more riders compared to the starting gates. It is like sorting out the riders so only the qualified can go forward and race.
  • Roosted. It is a condition where a rider usually gets the dirt from the other rider in front of him. Roost can be dangerous – and it is definitely painful. However, roosted can be a good motivation to pass over the rider. Payback time is the best!
  • Rutted. It is term for track condition, where the dirt is soft, causing the tires to dig into the dirt. In the end, the ruts happen. Inexperienced riders are mostly affected by it.

Those are some terms in the industry. If you want to learn more, there are still other dirt bike terms that you can browse around and explore.


Dirt Bike Terms That You Should Be Familiar With
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