Dirt Bike Suspension Tips: Prolong the Life and Condition


There are some handy and useful dirt bike suspension tips that will seriously improve your quality ride. After all, the dirt bike is facing serious and constant abuse that will affect the quality, performance, and condition of the bike.  If you want to get the most of it, you should know how to maintain and care for it.


Some of the Important Elements

The first thing that you should know about dirt bike suspension tips is to pay attention to tire pressure. Proper pressure is important because you need to have the right pressure standard. Too much air will make the tires harsh. When they are harsh, it will be too hard for the riders – not to mention that they can’t really deflect the obstacles very well. On the contrary, if it is too soft, it would not be good for the riders either. You want a pressure between 11 psi and 13 psi for the regular dirt bike. If it is for a more offroad usage, a pressure between 13 psi and 14 psi will be the ideal one. Do you know that 18 inches wheels for the rear can deliver more comfort than the 19 inches?


Pay attention to spring rate and also sag.  The spring is responsible for holding the rider up. The standard measurement is 95mm to 115mm for the sag when the rider is on the bike. When the rider is off the bike, you should measure the static sag. The static number should be in between 25mm and 45mm. If the number is smaller than 25, then you need to have a stiffer spring. If it is bigger than 45, then you need a softer one.


Another dirt bike suspension tips is to pay attention to the front wheel , including the proper installation. It is important to install the front wheel properly with the fork and then tighten the axle bolts pinch and also the axle nut. When it is not done properly, it will bind the forks and result in quick wear. Here is how you should do it:

  • Tighten the axle nut for the beginning
  • Torque the axle pinch left side bolts
  • Ensure that the right fork leg should slide easily along the axle. If it does, then tighten it
  • The fork should be compressed so the leg can be set
  • When you are completely sure that the fork leg doesn’t bind, you can tweak the right pinch bolts to tighten it.


Some Handy Tips

Other dirt bike suspension tips would include:

  • Only use the proper equipment, such as a special torque wrench
  • Don’t excessively tighten the triple clamp bolts. The fork tubes are very sensitive and thin. Extra force will only distort them.
  • Before riding the bike, bleed the air from the forks, with the position of the bike on the central stand and the front side wheel is lifted from the ground.
  • You should change the shock and fork oil once every 20 hours. Change the wear parts (seals and bushings) once in 40 hours.

By knowing these handy dirt bike suspension tips, you can prolong your bike’s life and maintain its great condition.

Dirt Bike Suspension Tips: Prolong the Life and Condition
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