Dirt Bike Suspension Service: What Aspects to Know and Undestand?


Most professional dirt bike riders would turn to professional dirt bike suspension service to help them with the tune and tweak. In the event that you are into dirt bike industry, you can also do the tune by yourself. Even when you leave everything to the pro, having the knowledge to tune the suspension can be handy.


The Importance of Right Suspension Setting

You need to remember that the right suspension will affect the overall performance and function of the wheels, tires, and chain drives, including the shock and fork. Even with your shim stacks, springs, and valves new, these components will affect the overall suspension function – whether breaking or making it successful. When you consult dirt bike suspension service, they will also check and inspect those components.


What Elements to Cover?

If you go and ask for a help from professional dirt bike suspension service, it is most likely that they will check the air pressure first. A lot of riders tend to overlook this aspect. You need to have the proper air pressure that will affect the bike’s performance. 11 psi to 13 psi is the standard pressure for the dirt bike while the offroad type will need higher setting. Don’t hesitate to consult the owner’s manual for info.

dirt bike suspension service
dirt bike suspension service

The second thing to check is the spokes. When you ride it hard, the spokes will be loose so you need to tighten it. However, excessively too tight spokes won’t be good either. It will be solid hard when you face bumpy settings. And you don’t want to ride something super hard and solid.


The third elements that most dirt bike suspension service checks is the chain. You can try to insert two fingers in between the chain guide and the chain. If the bike’s chain presses your fingers, then it has the right tightness. If it is too loose or too tight, tweak with the chain tension. Loose chain won’t be comfy but tight chains can break too. You can consult your owner’s manual to see what kind of maintenance you can perform for your bike, depending whether you have the two stroke or four stroke bike.


Further Inspections and Checking

Do you know that you can make wheel adjustment? Tweaking the bike’s suspension is possible but you may want to consult a pro if you are completely clueless. If you lengthen the distance between the front side wheel and the back wheel, it will deliver smoother feel on straight course. If you shorten the distance, you will have a better performance on corners and turns. When you tweak the rear side wheel further back, you will have a better suspension.


There are still other things to consider when tweaking the suspension. Such thing as sag adjustment, rebound or compression adjustment, and bleeding the fork will be important in maintaining the suspension’s life. You should also pay attention to adjusting the fork height, shock bearing, linkage, and swingarm. But if you are completely clueless, you can always consult the professional dirt bike suspension service and ask for their help.

Dirt Bike Suspension Service: What Aspects to Know and Undestand?
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