Dirt Bike Spoke Covers Functions and Major Benefits


For those who don’t get it, they don’t really understand the importance of dirt bike spoke covers. Also known as the spoke wraps or spoke skins, these covers can help protecting the metal parts. Moreover, these covers are great alternative to the powder coating. So, what should you know about it?

Powder Coating and Spoke Wraps

Dirt Bike Spoke Cover
Dirt Bike Spoke Cover

As it was mentioned before, you can always cover the spokes with powder coating or the spokes covers. The previous one is expensive while the latter one is more affordable. Heavy dusting coating is done to protect the metal finish. Plastic cover will be baked and then it is grounded with electric machine. In the end, it takes expensive equipments as well as extra carefully prepared process to coat the part. As if it weren’t enough, prep work is also needed to make sure that the area is clean. It shouldn’t have debris, dirt, or oil. In most cases, you have to disassemble the parts. The combinations of all these parts make this process quite costly.

Basically, powder coating delivers stylish look as well as solid protection – provided that you have no problems with the cost. The coating is able to stand against different kinds of elements although it does nothing when getting into dirt or banging bars. The coating won’t be able to prevent dings, especially when hitting trees, rocks, or even other riders.

However, the coating would finally chip off as time goes by. When compared to paint, powder coating is longer lasting but it would eventually chip off as the time goes by. Moreover, the cost for applying the powder is pretty costly. When compared to the protection level and the stylish benefits, the cost to applying the powder coating is too much.

Dirt Bike Spoke Cover
Dirt Bike Spoke Cover

That’s why most people would turn to dirt bike spoke covers or the wraps. Instead of re-lacing or unlacing the wheels, the covers require no unlacing action. The overall installation is very simple; quick and easy installation. Moreover, the wraps won’t fade, come off, or chip just like that. There are some other benefits that this skin offers:

  • The wraps are mostly removable. If you want to close the seams, you can do it with the hot air gun
  • They won’t fly off. Their major function is to prevent mud from getting collected on the spokes
  • They are pretty superb to cover old spokes – and the rusty one too.
  • They are pretty easy and effortlessly to clean. You only need to use water and soap. In case you want to use a pressure washer, the covers will be able to do the task just perfectly.
  • They are coming in different sizes – there are sizes for the mini and the full size
  • The skins usually have a slit (which is non visible) so installing them would be easy without having to unlace the wheels

Also remember that trimming is mostly needed because each hub is different. Generally, the wraps are longer to ensure nice fit. That’s why it is advisable that you carefully measure one hub and then install the skin before proceeding to the next hub. Don’t be surprised when trimming is needed. That’s how it is done.

The Effects

When compared to the powder coating method, the dirt bike spoke covers are definitely more affordable. If you want to make your bike unique and different, the various colors of the skins will do it.  They create attractive visual effect without hurting your wallet. Simply choose the colors you like and your bike will be super unique! Of course, it would be better if you can do a research about the quality product and then choose the right dirt bike spoke covers for your needs.


Dirt Bike Spoke Covers Functions and Major Benefits
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