Diadora MX4 Motocross Boots

A good set of boots is high on the list of important safety gear that you simply must wear when riding a dirt bike. We’ve all gone out riding in sneakers or work boots, but there really is no substitute for purpose built motocross boots.

I just recently aquired a set of Diadora MX4’s. I chose the white pair purely for looks – and boy do they look good – but they are available in other colours as well (red, blue and black I believe).

Straight out of the box, the boots were comfortable, and a lot more flexible than I had been expecting, although of course they still required a substantial break-in period to really free up. One thing to check though, is all the little screws attaching the buckles and toe guards. I didn’t check mine and it turns out a couple were a little looser than I’d like. I only lost one

before I realised, but several more were almost out. I guess that’s why most instructions for almost anything you buy advises to check all nuts and bolts before use…
To be perfectly honest, being on the cheaper end of the scale for MX boots (I paid $219.00), I wasn’t really expecting a lot from these boots, but they’ve surprised me. As mentioned, they’re a heck of a lot more comfortable than some other boots I’ve worn. The aggressive tread pattern and the material of the sole really give good grip on the pegs, while not being too soft and getting chewed out.

Once they’d been suitably broken-in, flexibility wasn’t an issue at all, and I have no gear-change or rear-brake problems at all.

I didn’t read a whole lot about these boots before I bought them, and I’m not sure if they’re claimed to be waterproof or not. I haven’t crossed any rivers in them yet, but I have had them almost completely submerged in water splashes/puddles/bog holes and so far they haven’t let a single drop of water through.

Like most others, these boots have built in heat shields to protect your precious legs from the nasty exhaust pipe, which work perfectly well. They seem to be some sort of leathery type material (possible leather even) and although they’ve scuffed up a bit, they still look to have a lot of life in them.

The outer skin of the boots are now showing the normal signs of wear with little nicks and scratches, as well as a healthy dose of dirt. As I ride trails rather than MX, they’ve been crashed and bashed through many an obstacle, been pounded by sticks and stones, and spent hours sitting around at camp but so far there has been no sign of distress or any weakness. I am anticipating these boots lasting for quite some time.

One thing that I didn’t really take into account when I ordered my boots was that white gets extremely dirty. Of course I don’t mind having dirty gear on – makes me look windswept and interesting I think – but the wife won’t let me bring them into the house when I get home, even after I’ve hosed them down. If your wife is anything like mine, your boots will live in the shed as well, so a good little tip is to poke rags into the legs of your boots for storage. That should discourage spiders and other nasty creepy crawlies from making their home in them.

Overall, the Diadora MX4 is a very nice boot – comfortable, hard wearing and stylish. Once you factor in that they only cost just over $200, they become a very good buy indeed. At this stage I would certainly recommend them, but I haven’t tested them to destruction yet. If they suddenly fall apart or spontaneousl combust, I may change my opinion, but realistically I’ve probably gotten close to my $219 dollars worth already.

Thanks for reading and happy riding!

Diadora MX4 Motocross Boots
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