Dean Ferris Extends the Contract with CDR Yamaha


Yamaha clarifies the rumor regarding Dean Ferris extending the contract with CDR Yamaha Team. This contract is effective on Australia race season at 2018. Previously he joined the 2017 High Point MX. During this event, Australian race seems interested on team with American style. Unfortunately, Ferris decided to join Australian National and Supercross championships.

Motul MX Nationals on 2017 Australian championship grants Ferris the MX1 champion. He is still on the second rank on the Australian Supercross Series.

Australian Yamaha releases interesting note regarding this rumor. On the press release, they mention that Dean Ferris as rider who achieve MX Nationals Championship twice, extending the contract with CDR Yamaha for his debut on 2018. He will cover both motorcross and supercross championship right after completing the agreements.

Even though Americans are interested to Ferris, he decided to extend the contract with CDR Yamaha. He believes that it will help the Australian racing industry in global scale.

Craig Dack who is occupying the team manager glad to have Ferris joining the YZ450F. He is expecting longer successful relationship that will bring benefit to both sides as it goes in the former two years. As you might already notice, he achieves the MX National Crowns consecutively.

Dack mentioned that working together with Ferris is exciting moment. He also think that everyone in c feel the same. The dedication of Ferris on the entire team along with his passion is exactly what CDR Yamaha needs these days.

Coppins bike
Coppins bike

It should not be surprising if he becomes role model to Australian riders. Ferris often spends his time to meet the fans, especially young children who are idolizing him. The professionalism of Ferris as rider can be easily seen on his action. That being said, he has humble attitude as well. Together with CDR Yamaha, Dack believes that the collaboration will be able to get more successes on the next championships.

Selecting one option over the other is surely not easy thing to do for Ferris. He has the struggle to go international and achieve higher level. It is something natural considering the US is capable of completing the championship regardless the riders they decided to collaborate with.

Ferris is limited by the current condition of tight racing economy. Ferris decided to stay in his previous contracts considering that he already have bike, team, and sponsors that he always dream of. On top of all, it is being successful that makes him stay longer.

Ferris explained that his decision exclude other Australian team. He will only change the decision of moving to US contract if better opportunity comes. If this should happen, Ferris will have to reconsider his decision. So far, his decision to stay in Australian CDR Yamaha seems to be the best choice.

After two years spending his time to pursue his carrier, he develops great relationship with everyone in the team. At personal level, he loves having great friend in Australian CDR Yamaha. At professional level, he knows that the team will give the supports that he needs to win the championship.

Currently, he is looking forward to the next championship. Therefore, he needs to work harder in order to achieve the victory. At the same time, he also wants to inspire many people to work hard as well. This is not only important for CDR Yamaha Team, but also for Ferris himself.

The achievement of Dean Ferris is not something that can be underestimated easily. Currently, Ferris is occupying the second place of the Australian Supercross Championship in 2017. He is at the same positions for two consecutive years. Most importantly, he is now participating at MX National as MX1 Champion.

Dean Ferris Extends the Contract with CDR Yamaha
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