How To Control Dirt Bike in Air with Careful Logic


Learning how to control dirt bike in air isn’t easy but it doesn’t mean that it is an impossible mission. You should realize from a start that doing big jumps and then perform impressive maneuvers and actions while on air aren’t easy as it look. It takes big wits, strength, good balance, precise moments, and good combination for it all. Knowing the possible risks that you may encounter will help but then again, you should realize that you won’t be able to do it in a short time, especially if you are a beginner.

The Mental Barrier

In your attempts on how to control dirt bike in air is to realize that it is a difficult thing to do. Yes, it may be fun but it sure is as difficult as hell. You may have to go through the falling, bruises, and all those things at the beginning, but practice is the key. Once you get it and you have the hang of it, you should be able to perform it correctly.

 Control Dirt Bike in Air
Control Dirt Bike in Air

The first thing to eliminate is the mental barrier, which is the fear. It is pretty common that first timers are afraid to try – that’s okay because it is pretty common and normal. You should remember that there is no pressure or requirements to do any kinds of jump even when you are riding the dirt bike. Any assumption that you should master jumps when you are into this world is ridiculous, so you don’t need to worry about it.

On the other hand, a lot of riders have this urge or challenge to jump – it is simply from themselves and not the pressure from anybody. If you do want to learn, it should come from you – and not from any pressure. If you don’t want to jump, that’s fine.

Starting off

Once you have a sense of revelation with your own condition, it’s time for you to start off. Practice a little with the step-up. It is the smaller version of a jump which is pretty harmless. Start slow and small – you will get the sense of being off the ground and on the air, even for a while. In most cases, the step-ups will develop into higher jumps, which lead to bigger jumps. Before learning how to control dirt bike in air, you should get yourself used to this kind of situation first.

Throttle Control

And then, here comes the technical details. Doing jumps is generally related to the throttle response or control. The most common mistakes that rookie riders make is to forget about control when they are midair. Well, don’t. If you do, you most likely land on the back wheel and fall with your back hitting the ground first.

control dirt bike
control dirt bike

First of all, you may want to focus on your weight first and make sure that it stays on the front side. Use your feeling. If it goes too far, then lean back – you won’t miss a thing. Don’t forget that you want to adjust the throttle and how to do the jump. If the throttle is too hard, it is likely that the front side will comes up. If it is steady (along with steady speed), the front side will remain balance in the right position. If the throttle is too weak, your front will definitely go down.

As it was mentioned before, doing the jump isn’t easy. You will have to control the throttle, balance the body, ensure the position is correct, focus on the ride, and so many things. That’s why only do the big jumps when you are ready. Those are basically the preparation on how to control dirt bike in air.


How To Control Dirt Bike in Air with Careful Logic
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