Complete Review of Zero FX


Many racers are expecting the world to accept electric dirt bikes. Even though the development is started almost a decade ago, you cannot deny that it is rapidly advancing. The prototype of Zero FX could not even complete 20 minutes of racing without draining its power.

The manufacturer promises that it will be faster than 250 dirt bike powered with gasoline. It takes longer than they anticipated before the promise comes true. The development of this racing vehicle focuses on the machine optimization. The impressive result of this development can be seen since 2014. They improved the battery life for longer time in order to complete longer racetrack.

The Layout of Zero FX

The engine of Zero FX is using machine from urban assault type. The result of this option is the bike is capable of venturing out on the places that have never been reached by conventional dirt bike before. The early model is capable of running up to 82 miles by taking advantage of its power conservation.

In order to recharge the battery, it needs to be plugged about seven hours straight. The charging can be performed with common household outlet. The motor, which is equipped with air-cooled feature, allows it to cool the engine rapidly after it is being used for intensive race.

The best part about electric powered motor is its noiseless operational. In order to increase the power efficiency, it is capable of recharging when the engine is decelerating. New suspension system is added in the latest model to complete its stunning layout.

In the model tested, the layout uses 41mm fork. This design features rebound damping and compression system that can be adjusted. As it goes with the suspension system, the shock breaker is also taking advantage of Showa technology. The rigid frame is manufactured out of aluminum. It is covered with black finish. The dirt bike is using a standard disc for the brake system.

Zero FX
Zero FX

Powertrain on Zero FX

The power output of this electric-powered dirt bike is up to 46 horsepower. Depending on whom you are asking, this power output might be considered as something powerful. That being said, the power is used in different way compared to conventional dirt bike do.

In order to channel the power, the engine is modified in such a way. It is transferred into transmission system in order to create modulating momentum. That is where the speed of this racing vehicle is coming from. In comparison to conventional dirt bike powered with gasoline, this dirt bike is capable of giving fast power output and torque.

Another thing that makes it different is the decelerate mechanism. In order to slow down the acceleration, it does not involve any gears. Since the dirt bike is powered with electricity, the power can be managed easier.

The engine incorporates two modes. Eco mode is intended to conserve the power used. It is highly recommended for long race. Meanwhile, the sport mode allows you to accelerate faster by consuming more power. Even though eco mode cannot accelerate faster than sport mode, it can be handled easier. In other hand, the sport mode is capable of reaching its top speed at short amount of time despite its bigger power consumption.

The Verdict

In comparison to conventional dirt bike, it is capable of providing instant torque. The sport mode is highly recommended for racers who lean toward the speed than power consumption. The power itself is not a problem since they can also select eco mode. Eco mode helps to conserve the fuel.

The price tag for Zero FX is somewhere around $10,495. If you decided to choose the dirt bike with smaller battery, you will only need to spend $8,495 for it.

Complete Review of Zero FX
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