What Champions Said about the Enchantment of Baja


The Baja 1000 is held at 2017. The 1000-mile of track leaves unforgettable memories for the champions. Plenty of excitements are happening during the race. Here is what three of those champions said about the race of Baja 1000.

Johnny Campbell

During his early career as racer, Johnny was introduced with Baja race by the uncle of his wife, who is his girlfriend back then. His uncle, Craig Adams inspired Johnny to join the competition.

At 1989, Craig also took part on the competition as well. The track was stretched from Ensenada all the way to La Paz. When Johnny was 18, Craig asked him to pre-run the track. In his companion, he finished from Ojos Negros to Camalu.

In the pre-run, Craig rode XR 600, while Johnny decided to use XR 350 instead. The pre-run is expectedly slow since they do not know where the track is going.

In order to complete the race, Johnny had to leave his comfort zone considering the track is located at remote area. That being said, it brings freedom to him.

After completing the pre-run with Craig, Johnny participated in the spring SCORE race of ’90. The race took place in Mexico.

Given the Johnny background as grand prix racer, he followed Craig’s advice on motorcross. They are using 1990 CR250R for the race. Unfortunately, the race did not go well for them.

Johnny and his team continued the Baja attempts few years afterward. Other than completed the race, Johnny also learned that he could earn money from racing.

Larry Roeseler

As it goes with Johnny, Larry also has similar experience. Instead of the uncle of his girlfriend, it was father introduced him to Mexico racetrack. Back then, he was only 13.

Larry starts the experience in Baja when he was 15 years old. He won the Class 20 along with his teammate, Mitch Mayes.

As a kid grown up with this experience, Larry is always looking forward to the next championship in Baja. It should not be a problem considering California, where he leaves is close to Baja.

Both Larry and Mitch were teamed up together in the year after that. Even though many championships are taken place in the same area, he is always waiting for Baja 1000.

Despite having sufficient experience in the past, he still thinks that driving the racing vehicle still a challenging activity. Due to his popularity, he had a surprising amount of fans.

Other than the track race, Larry also mentions that he like the beach of the area. It is always fun to get relaxed in the fishing boat with your team after completing a great championship.

Today, Larry marries Mexican woman. He has a son and a daughter from the marriage. They decided to stay in Mexico afterwards.

Malcolm Smith

The experience of Malcolm Smith in Baja 1000 championship started at 1967. That being said, he already knew about this racetrack since 1954.

His mother asked him to accompany her on a trip to the racing area. They spent all evening together before reaching Tijuana by the end of the day.

They spent their time with swimming, hiking, exploring, and many other things. The beaches of Baja were quite an impressive panorama for him.

Unfortunately, their trip ended shortly. He had to continue his education. His roommate asked him to participate at the Baja races in 1967. It turned out to be an exciting moment for both of them.

That is where his career as racer of Baja 1000 begins. He teamed up with local racer named J.N. Roberts. Even though the race is tougher than he anticipated, he managed to win the race.

What Champions Said about the Enchantment of Baja
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